Thursday 17 August 2017

Summer Cruise Day 40 Poynton to Bollington

Before leaving Higher Poynton this morning we pulled onto the water point outside Braidbar's yard for a top up then got underway. 

It was a quiet run today with hardly any boats on the move.  We only passed two boats all morning. 

We took it steady and ambled along at an easy pace, Chris stepped of at a bridge 'ole with Smudge to give him a walk and to do what dogs need to do now and again and then got back aboard at the next bridge.

Just after bridge 25 on the outskirts of Bollington we were waved down to stop by C&RT contractors who were blocking the canal as they dredged.  Anyone who has cruised the Macc will know how welcome this is.  Sadly the contractors are only allowed to dredge certain sections so it will still be a while before the Macc is silt free.

Major dredging equipment on hand.  
 After a 10 minute wait we were waved on but AmyJo had, on coming alongside the bank, run aground again.  Nothing for it but a contractor and myself heaving her back into the channel.  I thanked the workman adding "You missed a bit here mate"  which brought a smile to his face.

Meantime as we started to pass the dredger a barge swung into our path causing Chris to shout to me to watchout,  however, the digger driver was on the job and quickly pulled the barge out of the way with the digger arm.  We all had a good laugh and some banter at Chris's expense and I think this brightened the lads day somewhat.  With that we thanked them and cruised on into Bollington

Clarence mill welcomes boaters as we enter the town.  Now posh flats for rent at £850 per calendar month.
 We rounded the bend onto Bollington Aquaduct with fingers, toes and legs crossed there would be space to moor.  As we got nearer a bow came into view and our hopes faded.  We needn't have worried as to our surprise there were only 3 shortish boats moored and masses of free space.  We got in and moored up just as nb La Bruixa rounded the bend behind us.  At first they were not sure they could get in between us and the next boat but with Chris and my help we squeezed them in in front of AmyJo much to their delight.  Like us they were not expecting to get moored up here either.

After chatting to the crew for a while we took ourselves off into town for a wander.  We both like Bollington and its rows of neat terraced houses and enjoy walking around the town.  Always said we'd like to live here for a while.

Lovely little houses and their own green.  Heaven for Smudge.
 Last time we were here we walked up to the White Nancy (click) but not today as we're only stopping over-night this time.  Shame because the weather was nice and the views would be good from up there.

The white Nancy with what looks like a new coat of paint

As I type this no other boats have moored on the aqueduct since we did and there is still plenty of room behind us.  Most unusual for this time of year!

Moored at Clarence Mill

Total distance:4.16 miles Elapsed time:3h0m50s Locks:0 Bridges:14 
Average speed:1.38 mph (1.38 lock/mph) 

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