AmyJo was originally planned to be a 65foot hull with traditional back end.  During the design phase of the interior it was soon realised there was not enough room for the saloon so her length was stretched to 67ft.

Our original design drawings can be seen below

Our first interior layout thoughts
The original colour scheme
However as time went on this changed as whilst on the Leeds Liverpool holidaying on a hire boat Magpie past us and we fell in love with her colours

And so using some of the photos taken during AmyJo's move to Fernwoods I gave them the photoshop treatment and came up with this final external colour scheme

Photoshopped "What-a-Lark" made to look like AmyJo

Port Side

Starboard side
Next the final design for the interior took several changes until this final layout was decided

and these photos were our inspiration for the design

The galley colour scheme idea

wet room

front doors

Day room

Galley layout

scroll with our initials idea

Could almost be our bedroom but glass doors give it away

TV Cabinet

Day room cupboard doors divider
This Hudson boat gave us the Chettee insparation

We both fell in love with this fabric and have it
in our day room and the blinds colour looks
 the same too

Cupboards in day room for washing machine
and tumble dryer full height halves of the doors act as
room dividers when open 
The artwork

Chris was behind the styling for the name as I had originaly designed

Chris felt this to be rather brash and was not keen on it and proposed the final style that we both liked

The other art we are really please with are the stern doors.  Nothing about AmyJo is tradition when artwork is concerned so we felt castles and roses would be out of place.  It was whilst processing so photos a friend gave me of us sailing the idea came to mind.  I gave Andy Russell our artist this photo and design for the panels.

Chris and I sailing our Enterprise
My photshop version
and the end result

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