Thursday 21 March 2019

Time to leave the Marina

Hi reader,

We had originally planned to leave the marina at the end of the month but a nice surprise bought forward our leaving to the beginning of the month

For the last two weeks we (Chris and I) have been moored outside our local pub the "Shady Oak".  The has been closed since October and our good friends Pete and Yvonne have taken on the pub as landlords.

Pete and Yvonne are boaters themselves and have run pubs in the past so the "Shady" will be in good hands.

Unfortunately the previous landlords have rather neglected the pub so we have spent the last weeks clearing up rubbish outside and decorating inside.  All being well the "Shady" will re-open on the 10th April.  If you are heading towards Chester please drop in for a drink and say hi.

Sunset outside the Shady Oak

Friday 1 March 2019

Mini Heatwave and First Cruise of the Year

Hi all,
Last weekend was the warmest on record and not to miss out we decided to have a Bar-b-q at the Shady Oak.  Whilst closed, the pub grounds made for an ideal site to hold a mass Barbi.  It felt soooooo good to be out on the cut again.

We decided to go as a group.  So the gang, as we called ourselves, set off





Sheila, Paul and Dog Albert

We cruised the 45 minutes to the pub and moored jup Tattenhall side of the bridge.  All afternoon other boats from the marina moored up with the crews having the same idea.  At one point over 14 boats moored up, more than ever seen at one time in the past outside the Shady.  Had the pub been open I reckon we'd have drunk them dry.

Chris and Smudge lapping up the sun.

Starting as we meant to go on,  Yours truly, Eric, Paul, Graham and Craig

The afternoon sun was as warm as a summer's day so we enjoyed a sit out on the towpath all afternoon.  Life felt good again.

Weather too good not to sit out and enjoy it

Boats moored up filling the visitors moorings

The Bar-b-q site

more boats, some even doubled up.

At 5 pm the Barbi's were fired up and a good feast was had.  A pleasant evening was had by all.  It was clear everyone enjoyed the night but in the morning all mucked in to clear up.

Evenings get together in full swing

On Sunday we got up and the gang enjoyed some bacon and sausage baps.  We then took a walk up to nearby Warton's Lock to see how the works were progressing.  The new gates were in and beams ready to be installed.  Much of the brickwork was being repointed.

Fed and watered we head out to the lock

Pump keeping the water out and evidence of fresh pointing

The dam holding the canal back

The new gates in place and a beam ready to be installed

The old gates, clearly needed replacing

The pump outlet flowing into the by wash
We packed up and left at 4pm to return to the marina.