Monday 29 April 2013

Seeing the light

When we visited Alexander boats on Saturday we discussed how we would mount our Francis lamp we bought last year and I mentioned I'd quite like to have it mounted on a post forward of the cratch front.

Jim has sorted out a mounting post for it and sent me a photo.

It looks a bit odd sticking out as it does at the moment but when the Cratch is completed it will fit in quite nicely I think.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Hello we're back again

After a while offline, with rapidly growing interest, and after constant requests to see photos of AmyJo's build coming from all over the place from lots of friends (some we did not know we had),  the regulars at the Edgerton pub in Saughall, all our sailing club friends and of course our family, Chris and I have decided the time is right to go public again with our blog once more.

So with reservations we're back with one request.....if I post something you are not happy with please do tell us.

So for those who have missed us a lot as been happening since November,  I'll let the posts tell the story.

Saturday 27 April 2013

We just stood there and said....


We arrived at Alexander boats early this morning and poked our heads through the door and the smile on Chris's face said it all.

AmyJo has come on a long way since our last visit and is almost ready to ship to Fernwoods.  This was the sight that greeted us.  

Cabin sides are in place and side doors and portholes in place.

Jim informed us that all that is left to do is complete the work from the rear porthole aft as can be seen above.  Walking forward our excitement mounted as we looked on at the side doors

Fender cleats are set into the gunnels

The roof line and hand rails are complete together with openings for the Houdini hatches above the Galley and day room

Looking forward
Looking aft
Center line ring re-enforced with a base plate
We started to get a good feel for AmyJo's shape and size now as we looked back along her hull

Up at the well deck end both lockers are in place

Both Chris and I are regular readers of fellow bloggers Tom and Jan, owners of Waiouru.  Chris really likes the front of their cabin sides and we confess we pinched their design for AmyJo and have to say Jim has made a good job there and admits he is quite pleased with the result himself.

Looking back from the bow AmyJo's lines look lovely

All the fore deck details are now complete

Bow locker looking better now it has some hinges.

A huge difference from when we last saw her

And what can we see through the round window today.  Chris being one happy lady could not resist a game of peek-a-boo.

Next time we see AmyJo will be on the 8th May if all goes to plan to see her moved to Fernwoods.  Chris is really keen to see how Jim gets AmyJo out of his workshop and what type of lorry will transport her.  We'll have pictures and videos of the event of course.


Friday 26 April 2013

Surprise email

Like many people I regularly check my emails and last night was no exception.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive and email from Jim Sparks with some photos of AmyJo's cabin being fabricated

She is definitely starting to look more and more like a narrow boat now. Jim deliberately did not include pictures of the fore end of the cabin and the latest photos as he wants to surprise us tomorrow.  Apparently AmyJo is a lot further progressed than the photos show so Chris and I really cannot wait for tomorrow.

Monday 22 April 2013

Shell Nearing Completion

Hi all,
Things are starting to happen quicker now all of a sudden.  Had a call from Jim Sparks at Alexander boats to say they were looking to deliver AmyJo to Fernwoods on the 8th May though this is still to be confirmed.  Jim tells me the cabin has been fabricated and they are well on track to complete her for delivery on the 8th.

As I am on holiday for a week I'm taking the opportunity to finish boarding out the loft and have arranged a visit on Saturday to see AmyJo and the progress so far.  Off course we'll post the photos when we get back and she should be pretty near finished by then.

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and I see some are getting the boats ready for the summer ahead.  Lets hope it is a good one.  We've been reading with interest fellow bloggers blacking their hulls as we will need to do the same at some point in the future so hope to get a few pointers along the way.  Sounds like hard work to me but necessary just the same and the boats do look lovely afterwards.

Crick is looming up on the horizon and Chris and I are really looking forward to going on Saturday and Sunday.   Me thinks I've got some saving up to do before then as we have a growing list of bits and pieces we are going to need.

Thats all for now as I have another day ahead in the loft.  TTFN

Thursday 4 April 2013

Take a bow AmyJo

Just got back from our visit to Alexander boats and I am pleased to say there has been good progress.  So much so AmyJo now has a bow

The Bow almost finished

Looking sleek from this angle
Jim and the boys have the top rubbing band to put on and the inside coming around the well deck to fit in then its all hands to add the cabin sides.   It takes Jim over a week to fabricate the Josher bow alone and we are so please we insisted on having one.  We're delighted with her lines and its well worth the extra cost.

The well deck floor is in place
Looking forward towards the cabin front
The fore deck is almost complete and the bow locker hatch is in place.  All the mounding around the bow has been fabricated (forgive me but I do not know the correct term for this).

Foredeck showing the coming waiting to be completed

The bow locker lid and bow moulding
We had a lengthy chat as to where the port holes and side hatches were going and while using Fernwoods plans Jim drew the locations on the gunwales for Chris to see where they go. Have to say they look like they are going to sit well.

Before we left we could not resist a little photo shoot, just to get the feel of AmyJo's well deck.

Chris daunted having looked down the length of AmyJo

Soaking up the moment on board

A good view of the Josher Bow.
 Could not resist this last picture, says it all....

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Off for another visit

Hi all,
Not had much to post about of late as we have been down to Essex over the Easter weekend visiting Chris's mum.  Mary was sent home from hospital a few weeks ago but sadly could not manage on her own resulting in her falling several times and having a mini stroke.  The good news is she has been re-assessed and has now been settled in a local care home near where she used to live.  On our visit we found Mary had settled in really well and was quite happy.  She has made friends with another Mary and they have been nicknamed Mary 1 and Mary 2 (Mary 1 leg and Mary 2 legs).  Both are becoming inseparable.

We've had a bit of good news regarding AmyJo and as a result we're off the Stourport tomorrow to see how she is progressing.  According to Jim her bows are now almost complete and he should be starting on the cabin before long.  We'll post photos on our return.  According to the latest estimate AmyJo could be moving to Fernwoods at the end of the month all being well.  So things are looking up.  We've even started looking at bits to buy like TV, sound system, washing machine etc.  More on these later when we get them.