AmyJo's Concept

I've posted about our thoughts for the design over the months but thought I'd put them all here in one place.  Until AmyJo is finished this will be a working page with updates as or when the design changes.  Please do feel free to post any comments, help and advise would be most gratefully accepted.  At this point I'd like like to thank the owners of "Belle" for allowing me to use their spreedsheet design 've used below.

Were to begin? 

The Hull.
We had no idea that some builders do not actually build the hull but buy in hull builds to their spec from other companies and then fit them out.  Our choice, Alexander Boats Ltd, came highly recommended by boat owners and by Del and AL on Derwent6. and as luck would have it is the builder of choice by Ferwood boats.  We visited Jim Sparks workshop in Stourport while he was building a boat.  The workmanship of the welds, the lovely lines of the boat, and attention to detail ensuring the steel is not distorted greatly impressed us.  Jim is very approachable and we are looking forward to working with him.

AmJyo is a 67foot traditional style with Josher bow.  Steel work is the standard 10mm baseplate, 6mm sides, 4mm cabin and roof.  There will be two side doors, one each side and portholes for windows.

Choice of builder.
There are several boat builders out there willing to build your dream boat (exscuse the pun ladies) We looked at several builders over the months and found whilst reputable and excellent builders, not many will build you a completely bespoke boat to your unique design, but rather have set designs they will "tinker with"The end result, whilst a beautifully crafted boat might not be exactly what you had in mind as they will force you to compromise to fit your design into theirs.  We wanted a design free from such constraints and hence our choice to go with Fernwood. Having seen Whitefield we realised here was a builder that would design the boat as we wanted.

Here is the Specification we have in mind to use for the build but it's by no means set in stone yet.  Its actually a plagurised version of Belles modified to suit AmyJo.  This is very much a working document and will change as the planning progresses.

Narrowboat Specification                         “AMYJO”     Issue 02    16/10/2012
 This specification is for a 67’ long traditional style narrow boat and it forms the basis of a construction agreement between the builders; Fernwood Narrow boats Limited and the purchasers; Mr & Mrs Spreyer.
1.0    General
1.1    The boat shall comply with the EU Recreational Craft Directive
<version to be agreed>   
2.0    Boat Structure By Alexander Boats Ltd
2.1    Overall dimensions, interior and exterior layout and location/routes of all gas, diesel fuel, fresh water, waste water, heating and electrical services and equipment, windows, doors and hatches and access panels, lockers, cupboards and controls to:
Layout and Livery Drawing dated DD-MMM-YYY

Nominal Length           20426 mm       (67’-0”)
Nominal Beam            2083 mm         (6’-10”)
Nominal Height            2159 mm         (7’-1”)
Nominal Draft              559 mm           (1’-10”)

***Note that this drawing will be created in due course to show more detail for the gas, diesel fuel, and fresh water, waste water, heating and electrical services.
2.2    Steel to comply with BS EN10025 – S275   
2.3    Hull base – 10mm thick steel minimum.
         Step on centre line of boat at stern at water level.   
2.4    Hull sides – 6mm thick steel minimum.   
2.5    Bow deck – 6mm thick steel minimum.   
2.6    Cabin walls – 4mm thick steel minimum.
         To include stringers inside as an aid for fitting out.   
2.7    Cabin roof – 4mm thick steel minimum.   
2.8    Sacrificial anodes (x4).
         Located 2 at bow and 2 at stern.   
2.9    Wooden stable style cabin doors with glazed full length at bow.
         Fitted with Yale type locks.
         Lockable crossbar arrangement also to be fitted over doors.
         Steps at bow (hinged) into saloon with storage under.   
2.10  Cratch and cover at bow (x1).
         Cratch to include opening glazed doors (x2).
         Including all fixings and fastenings.   
2.13  Cabin door at stern (x1).
         Steel doors with maximum length sliding roof hatch.
         To be fitted with Yale type locks.   
2.14  Recessed side Panels.
2.15  Stern Seats.
         Slat seat on steel posts/frame (x2)
         One positioned on each side of tiller.   
2.16  Engine access.
         Access via suitably sized removable ply deck plate(s) incorporating ‘Hexagrip’.   
2.17  Rubbing strakes (x4).
         2-off fitted extending from bow to stern on both sides of boat.
         2-off fitted around bow section on both sides of boat.   
2.18  Roof Handrails (x2).
         Fitted from bow to stern on both sides of roof – integrated box section type with lip on inside to aid
2.19  Chromium mushroom roof vents (x6).
        1-off located in roof in each room.   
2.20  Portholes diameter - locking (x12).
         Located on each side of boat at bedroom (x2), bathroom (x2 - frosted glass in bathroom), dayroom
         (x1) and galley/saloon (x4).
         Aluminium – double-glazed construction.
         Outer ring - Chromium effect with lacquered finish.
         Inner ring – Chromium   
2.21  Side doors (x2).
         One of (excluding roof hatch) in galley on starboard side.
         One of (including roof hatch) in day room on port side.
         Window inserts (x2) – Perspex in wooden frame.
         Side doors, window inserts to be secured from inside boat using bolts / catches.   
2.22  Houdini hatches (x2)
         One of located in roof in galley.
         One of located in roof in saloon.
         Chromium – double-glazed construction.
         Outer frame - Chromium effect with lacquered finish.
         Inner frame – wood.   
2.23  Thermal insulation.
         Spray foam insulation to be applied to roof and boat sides down to floor level.   
2.24  Weatherproofing.
         Boat to be suitably weatherproofed using sealing systems where appropriate.
         Decks and roof to be self-draining.
         Deck plate(s) to be seated on drainage channels – these channels to be routed so as to discharge from
         side of boat.
         Small hatch to be provided in floor in stern / utility for accessing under floor area in the event that
         pump-out of accumulated water is required.    
2.25  Boat pole stowage on roof – long (x1).
         Boat pole stowage on roof – short (x1).
         Landing plank stowage on roof (x1).
         Located at stern end on port side.   
2.26  Anchor point (x1).
         Located at bow.   
2.27  Mooring rope attachment points at stern (x2).
         Mooring rope attachment point at bow (x1).
         Mooring rope attachment point on roof at centre (x1).   
2.28  Tiller / Rudder…. <form and size to be agreed>   
2.29  Weatherproof control (*) panel (x1).
         Located at stern in back cabin on port side at waist level.
         Cables and wiring between control housing and deck / cabin to be protected by rigid trunking /
         Control panel to include the following:
         •             Master key – with engine starting position
         •             Combined engine throttle and direction (F/N/R) controls – configured so as to allow higher
                        engine speed selection when direction control is in neutral
         •             Emergency engine stop control
         •             Oil pressure gauge
         •             Low oil pressure warning light
         •             Water temperature gauge
         •             High water temperature warning light
         •             Engine speed indicator (rpm)
         •             Battery voltage gauge
         •             Battery charging fault light
         •             Diesel fuel tank ‘A’ level gauge
         •             Diesel fuel tank ‘B’ level gauge (optional)
         •             Switch – Warning horn (button type)
         •             Switch – Tunnel light at bow
         •             Switch – Navigation lights
         •             Panel illumination and/or illuminated gauges.
2.30  Folding step access to roof (x4).
         Located on cabin walls on both sides of boat at bow and stern.   
2.31  Ballasting.
         Boat to be ballasted to suit using concrete slabs sitting on timber slats.   
3.0    Heating System (to be confirmed)
3.1    Diesel fired main heating system (x1)
         Ebersp├Ącher Hydronic D5WS?
         •             Single panel wall mounted radiators (x3)
         •             Heated towel rail in bathroom (x1)
         •             Circulation pump (x1)
         •             Control thermostat unit (x1)
         •             Programmable controller (x1)
         Connected to electrical system via isolation switch and suitably rated MCB.
         Connected to cold water, hot water and diesel fuel systems using…. <to be agreed>
         Radiators and heated towel rail to be located as shown (in orange) on:
         Layout and Livery Drawing dated?   
3.2    Domestic hot water system (x1).
         •             Insulated calorifier (42 litres) located?
         •             Heated using engine cooling system, main diesel fired heating system and electrical immersion                        heater (240v.ac)
         •             Control thermostat unit
         •             Programmable controller
         •             Control valve for separating heat sources
         •             Pumping system (12v.dc) – incorporating automatic sensing and response to demand from
         sink in galley, washbasin / shower in bathroom.
         Connected to electrical system via isolating switch and suitably rated MCB.
         Connected to cold water, hot water and engine cooling systems using…. <to be agreed>.   
3.3    Duel fuel log burner Squirrel Morse stove (x1).
         Located in Saloon
         Ceramic surround / hearth
4.0    Engine / Transmission (to be confirmed)
4.1    Engine (x1).
         Beta Marine PRM260 (50hp).
         •             Resilient mounts to boat structure (A/R)
         •             Engine starting system (x1)
         •             Engine exhaust system (x1)
         •             Engine cooling system (x1)
         •             Belt driven alternator ‘A’ (x1)
         •             Belt driven alternator ‘B’ (x1)?
         All piping and wiring necessary for connecting to the diesel fuel, water and 24v.dc / 240v.ac electrical          systems via suitable isolating cocks, switches and protection devices.
         Engine controls and status indicators to be integrated into control panel (*).   
4.2    Single screw main propeller and shaft (x1).
         Carried on suitable bearings / supports and incorporating sealing box / stern tube with greaser pump.
         Propeller size and form to be matched to engine characteristics.
         Caxion< model to be agreed>   
4.3    Gearbox (x1).
         Incorporating forward, neutral and reverse positions.
         Beta Marine – see specification for engine.   
4.4    Flexible coupling - gearbox to propeller shaft (x1).
         Beta Marine – see specification for engine.   
4.5    Weed hatch for main propeller (x1).
         Including quick release fastener arrangement.   
4.6    Bilge pump - Automatic (x1)
         Bilge Pump – Manual (x1)
         Located in engine bay.
         Including automatic water level detection and control system.  Connected to 12v.dc electrical system
         via isolating switch and suitably rated MCB.   
5.0    Electrical Systems (to be confirmed)
5.1    24v.dc electrical system
         Sub-system for supplying all on-board 24v.dc systems (e.g. lighting, pumps, auxiliary engine controls          and gauges, etc.), including:
         •             110 ampere-hour lead-acid batteries (x5) suitable for domestic supply duties - located                                  below stern deck in engine bay
         •             Main battery isolator switch
         •             Connected to alternator ‘A’ - <alternator rating to be agreed>
         •             Suitable switches and MCB’s for all devices / sub-circuits
         Sub-system for supplying engine starting circuits only, including:
         •             95 ampere-hour lead-acid battery (x1) suitable for engine starting duties - located below                        stern deck in engine bay
         •             Main battery isolating switch
         •             Connected to alternator ‘B’ – <alternator rating to be agreed>
         Battery monitoring system – digital readout.
5.2    240v.ac electrical system
         Configured for supplying all on-board 240v.ac systems (e.g. washer, dryer, sockets for appliances in          general, etc.)
         •             240v.ac > 12v.dc combined inverter / battery charging unit
                        <make / model to be agreed>
         •             240v.ac/3.5kW engine driven alternator ‘C’
                       <make / model to be agreed>
         •             25m long shore line (240v.ac) with waterproof plugs – compatible with British Waterways                        electrical supply points.
         •             Waterproof shore line (240v.ac) receptacle (socket) positioned at stern end of cabin and          Well deck, connected to rest of 240v.ac electrical system via suitable isolation switch and MCB / fuse          unit.
         •             Suitable switches and MCB’s for all devices supplied
         All electrical supply and control equipment to be fitted into cupboards / lockers in stern section.
         Automatic changeover for shore, battery and engine mounted generator supplies and inverter.
         240v.ac sockets distributed about boat as follows:
         •             Bedroom – switched double socket (x2) – <positions to be agreed>
         •             Stern – switched double socket (x3) - <position to be agreed>
         •             Galley – switched double socket (x2) - <positions to be agreed>
         •             Saloon – switched double socket (x3) – <positions to be agreed>
         •             Day room - switched double socket (x2) - <positions to be agreed>
         All sockets to be chrome finish unless otherwise stated.   
5.3    Speakers (x?).
         Located in saloon – <make / model and quantity to be agreed>
         To include routing of speaker wiring to audio unit
         <location of audio unit to be agreed>
         Speakers / audio equipment shall be Bose V45.   
5.4    TV aerial or Satelite dome (x1).
         Located on roof – including coax wiring and roof mounted connector arrangement near aerial and          socket in saloon.
         Socket to be located near low-level shelving / cupboard unit running along port side of saloon.
         Aerial or dome shall be free issued to the boat builder - <make / model to be agreed> Cable, plugs /          sockets and wiring sundries to be supplied and fitted by the boat builder.   
6.0    Lighting (to be confirmed)
6.1    Bedroom
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x4).
         Location… <to be agreed>
         Switched from one common switch on corridor side of bedroom.
         Down-lighters / reading lights (x4).
         Located under cupboards at head end of bed
         Switched separately from each side of bed.   
6.2    Bathroom / Toilet
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x4).
         Location… <to be agreed>
         Switched from one common switch near door.
         Floor LEDs for night use   
6.3    Stern
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x2).
         Location… to be agreed
         Switched from one common switch located near stern door / steps.   
6.4    Galley
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x4).
         Location… <to be agreed>
         Switched from one common switch located … <to be agreed>   
6.5    Day Room
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x4).
         Location… <to be agreed>
         Switched from one common switch located … <to be agreed>   
6.6    Saloon
         Flush fitting ceiling lights (x6)
         Location … <to be agreed>
         Switched from one common switch on corner cupboard at bow end of saloon.   
6.7    All flush fitting light fittings to be adjustable.
         All light fittings and switches to be chrome finish unless otherwise stated.   
6.8    Tunnel light (x1)
         Chromium light unit on pole.
         Located at bow on cratch using Q/D fitting.
         Including plug/socket connector arrangement fixed to bow structure.
         <Make/model to be agreed>  Franscis F9 searchlight? 
7.0    Diesel Fuel System (to be confirmed)
7.1    Diesel tank ‘A’ (x1)
         250 litre capacity tank incorporating standpipe filler with screwed cap, strainer and baffles (if required)          – located at stern
         Fitted with fuel level sender unit.
         Connected to engine via suitable filter/strainer, stop tap and piping.
         Fuel level sender unit connected to fuel level gauge ‘A’ in control panel.   
7.2    Diesel tank ‘B’ (x1)
         250 litre? capacity tank incorporating standpipe filler with screwed cap, strainer and baffles (if     
         required) - located at bow or stern <to be agreed>
         Fitted with fuel level sender unit.
         Connected to diesel fired central heating system and diesel heater/stove unit via suitable
         filters/strainers, stop taps and piping.
         Fuel level sender unit connected to fuel level gauge ‘B’ in control panel.   
8.0    Cold Water System
8.1    Fresh water tank (x1).
         Tank with filler point incorporating a strainer and incorporating baffles if required.
         Located at bow - stainless steel construction – 680 litres minimum capacity.  Including water level
         sensing / indicator arrangement. Sizing subject to well deck floor level.   
8.2    Piped to…. hot water calorifier, bathroom and galley via stop taps and filters/strainers.   
8.3    Pumping system (12v.dc) – incorporating automatic sensing and response to demand from sink in galley, wash basin / shower / toilet and hot water calorifier.   
9.0    Waste Water System
9.1    Waste water tank (x1).
         xxx <to be agreed> litres capacity.
         Polypropylene or steel construction.
         Located in stern section (spanning width of boat).   
9.2    Tank pump out point… <to be agreed>   
9.3    Tank waste water level indicator…<to be agreed>   
9.4    Suitably routed and supported pipework to … <to be agreed>   
10.0    Gas System
10.1    Gas locker at bow with hinged cover.  Locker to have sufficient space and fixings for 2-off 13kg          capacity propane gas cylinders.   
10.2    Gas distribution system to all appliances located in galley, including suitably routed and supported          pipework, connectors and pressure regulator(s) and flame traps and gas isolator valves, etc.   
11.0  Saloon
11.1  Corner cupboard (x1).
         with space sufficient for television or similar.   
11.2  Low-level shelving / cupboard unit (x1).
         Running alongs ide of saloon between galley and diesel heater/stove – width in centre sufficient to          mount flat screen TV unit.  Alternatively, flat screen television mounted to wall.
         To include routing of wiring to Bose unit – <location of DVD unit to be agreed>
         TV and DVD equipment shall be free-issued to the boat builder.   
12.0    Galley
12.1  Unit – Port side (x1).
         Work surface incorporating cupboards with hinged doors and shelves and drawers under – to include:
         •    Propane gas hob (x1).
                  <make / model to be agreed>
            Hinged top cover preferred.
         •    Propane gas oven / grill (x1).
                  <make / model to be agreed>
         •    Microwave cooker (free-issued to boat builder)
                  <make / model to be agreed>
         Additional cupboards with hinged doors and shelves - to be situated above work surface – mounted          to bulkhead between galley and day room.   
12.2  Unit – Starboard side (x1)
         Work surface incorporating cupboards with hinged doors and shelves and a wine rack feature on          saloon end – to include:
         •    Sink (x1) / Drainer (x1).
            Circular stainless separates / central mixer tap (chromed).  Gravity drained into canal.
         •    Refrigerator (x1).
         <make / model to be agreed>
         •    Waste bin provision (e.g. mounted to rear of cupboard door)    
12.3  Work surfaces - <finishes to be agreed>
         <quote for Corian work surfaces option>   
13.0  Day Room
13.1  Fitted with:
         •    L shaped seatee converting into double birth
         •    Corner full length storage cupboard.
         •    Double doors to galley
         •    Door to bathroom / toilet with frosted glass port hole•       
14.0  Bathroom / Toilet
14.1  Incorporating wet room   
14.2  Pump-out macerator based toilet system – connected to waste water tank via suitable pipework and          stop valves, etc.
         Toilet to be ceramic construction <make / model to be agreed>
         Connected to cold water system via suitable isolating valve (and strainer if not integral with toilet unit).
         Connected to 12v.dc electrical system via suitable MCB and isolating switch.   
14.3  Shower with stainless shower base (x1).
         Laminate faced board surround.   Brass fittings
         Wastewater pumped (12v.dc) via suitable pipe work into grey water tank   
14.4  Hand basin (x1).
         Black ceramic bowl sat on top of wood floating unit – tap(s) to side(s) - chromed fittings.
         Wastewater gravity fed via suitable pipe work into grey water tank.   
14.5  Heated towel rail (x1) – also listed as part of heating system.
         Chromed finish (heated using diesel boiler).   
14.6  Mirrored wall above washbasin.   
14.7  Shelving / cupboards to be provided between toilet and washbasin and under gunnels.   
15.0  Bedroom
15.1  Crosways double bed - complete with split / sprung mattress.  Bed arranged so as to be made up to5          feet but folded back away from corridor when not in use.   
15.2  Wardrobes (x2).
         Located on one side of bed – fitted with half height hinged folding doors each with mirror panel inset          with drawer under.  Wardrobes to include shelving and inset shelves accessed from bed head area.   
15.3  High-level cupboards above head end of bed fitted with hinged doors and shelving.   
16.0  Stern   
16.1  Work surface (x1).
         Located next to steps, extending around bulkhead between stern and bicycle locker with washing          machine and tumble dryer side by side under and locker for folding bicycles above at bedroom end          (x1).
         Washer dryer machine- to be free issued to boat builder. <make / model to be agreed>
         Hard wired into 240v electrical system via suitably rated switch and MCB.
         Plumbed into hot and cold water systems via stop valves – wastewater fed directly into canal.
         Cupboards with hinged doors to be located under work surface as space allows. Cupboards with          hinged doors to be located over work surface as space allows.
         Small vanity sink with taps and suitable plumbing (location to be agreed) Waste water directly into          canal.
         Small worktop for Laptop and GPS when underway (location to be agreed)
         7inch CCTV monitor with camera (located facing forward above Cratch board).  Power switch for          camera and CCTV monitor (location to be agreed)   
17.0  Exterior Finish   
17.1  Hull to be painted in two tone Grey   
17.2  Deck, gunwales and upward to be painted <specification to be agreed>
         Upper surfaces of gunwales and roof to be anti-slip (sand mix or similar).   
17.3  Colour scheme and coach-lines and signing.
         See Layout and Livery Drawing dated ?
         Base colour – Pantone 455 Dark Grey (W3091)**
         Roof panels – ?
         Handrail – ?
         ** Mason Coatings PLC colour codes – or equivalent
         The graphics (lettering coach lines and flourishes) to be in white with a Blackshadow.
         Pattern at bow <to be agreed>   
18.0  Interior Finish   
18.1  Unless otherwise stated, all walls and doors to be Light Oak with panels with solid Light Oak trims          and inset mouldings.
         Panels to be set out so that they present large flat areas with portholes set into the flat area where          possible.
         Further discussion required.   
18.2  Ceiling to be Butt and bead Oak throughout.   
18.3  Floor to be butt and bead Oak throughout.   
18.4  All timber to be varnished / lacquered with xxxx <to be agreed>.    
18.5  Galley work surfaces to be …..; see samples   
18.6  Work surface in utility room to be….; see samples.   
18.7  Port holes (except bathroom and porthole nearest hob in galley) to be fitted with French Blinds   
19.0  Equipment General   
19.1   Boat pole - short (x1).
         Incorporating Chromium hook.
         Plain varnish / lacquered finish.   
19.2  Boat pole – long (x1).
         Plain varnish / lacquered finish.   
19.3  Landing plank (x1).
         Painted finish xxxxx (xxmm, xxmm, xxmm) <to be agreed>   
19.4  Ropes (x5).
         xxmm diameter xxxxx x xxmm long <to be agreed>   
19.5  Hull side fenders (x8).   
19.6  Bow fender (x1).   
19.7  Stern fender (x1).   
19.8  Mooring spikes (x2).
         To be free issued to boat builder   
19.9  Lock keys (x2).
         One with long handle and one with short handle.
         To be free issued to boat builder   
19.10  Anchor and chain (x1).
         Galvanized xxxxx type.  Stowed at bow – including shackle suitable for connecting to anchor fixing          point. xxm of chain.
         <to be agreed>   
19.11  Tiller extension (x1).
         Wooden handle – varnished or lacquered finish.
         Plain stainless steel pin.   
20.0  Safety Equipment   
20.1  Gas / CO / smoke detector and alarm (x1)
         Located in galley.   
20.2  Warning horn (x1).
         Located at bow – controlled using switch located in engine control panel (*) at stern.  Wired to
         12v.dc electrical system via suitable isolating switch and MCB.   
20.3  Navigation lights -
         Located…. <make/model etc. to be agreed>   
20.4  Earth Leakage Unit…… <make / model to be agreed>
         Located in electrical equipment cupboard at stern.   
20.5  Dry powder fire extinguisher (x3).
         Located in utility room (near hatch), galley and saloon (near bow door end).   
20.6  Fire blanket (x1).
         Located in galley.   
21.0  Documentation   
21.1  Boat layout Drg. xxxx <copy of boat builders drawings>   
21.2  Warranty   
21.3  RCD Certificate of Conformity + CE marking   
21.4  Engine first service voucher <to be agreed>   
21.5  Wiring and piping diagrams   
21.6  Operating instructions compiled into a manual:
         •    Boat
         •    Engine and transmission
         •    Heating system (boiler, programmer, etc)
         •    Toilet / Shower system
         •    Cooking equipment (inc. gas supply / regulator)
         •    Washer / Dryer (free-issued to boat builder)
         •    Electrical system (inverter, charger, etc.)   
22.0  Wiring General   
22.1  Routing – access <to be discussed>   
23.0  Piping General   
23.1  Routing – access <to be discussed>   
23.2  Drainage? <to be discussed>   
23.3  Frost protection? <to be discussed>   

Construction Agreement

Our order is based on the British Marine Federation (BMF) Construction Agreement

Stage Payment #1    14/02/2012 Laying steel base plate at shell builders
Stage Payment #2    08/05/2013 Delivery of Completed of shell at Fernwoods
Stage Payment #3    x/xx/2012    Fitting Out
Stage Payment #4    x/xx/2012    On completion of boat

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Love the spec, have seen some very classy Fernwood boats. I'm sure she will be superb, look forward to seeing her finished.