The Fit Out

Having completed the shell AmyJo was then transported to Fernwoods boat shed on the 8th May 2012 to begin her fit out.

First job was to mask out the port holes and start to install the wooden battening 

 Portholes are bunged up to create a smooth edge for the spray foam

Roof battens now in place

Meanwhile all external surfaces above the gunwales are given a coat of grey undercoat

The spray foam complete.  Looks thin but its actually 1.5 inches to 2 inches thick.

Looking forward

Dry run for our new deck fittings...they fit perfectly

Hole for the rear mains hook up fitting and Diesel filling point in the foreground

Waste and rinse out point on Port side with identical pair on Starboard side to allow us to pump out either side of the boat

All under coated and the Starboard waste and rinse out points

All holes are now cut into the roof for the mushroom vents

Spray foam near the front of the cabin.  Again nearly 2 inches thick

Floor joists, pipe runs and the rest of the roof battening now in

Outlets for the sinks etc now in place

This gives some idea of the scale of AmyJo's interior as Chris takes in the work done so far

The roof now prepared with anti-slip is ready for its first coat of gloss paint

The paining of the outside commences and AmyJo is masked up to paint the panels

 While inside the plumbing and electrics are going in as is the first base for the floor

Gift wrapped as if a Christmas present, the panel piping goes on next

Finally unwrapped AmyJo starts to look as we imaged she would, only much better.

The finished roof waiting for the mushroom vents

Inner side door frames in place

Next all the joinery started to be fabricated and put into place

The drinking water tank finds it new home under the well deck
Some of the many pieces of furniture waiting to be treated
The wet room bukheads going in

Day room settee and bed is being created

Bulkheads and kitchen carcasses are in

Saloon taking shape but still more to do

But and Lap panelling in place
 Meanwhile in the engine room the calorifier and Erspacker heating unit was being put in place

More bulkheads were going in and the start of the bedroom was taking shape

While in the galley the kitchen unit carcases were in and the template for the worktops was being formulated

Side panels and ceiling lining almost finished in the galley and saloon areas

Detailed moulding on the front saloon entrance

Oak and Ash panels in their positions
Next the front cabin doors were taking shape and their varnish allowed to dry before fitting

 Outside AmyJo was starting to look almost finished with the porthole liners on and all polished

The girls could not resist
 Finally the fit out ups a gear as all the myriad of finishing touches are done.  Peter, the electrician, makes good the spaghetti of wires running through the back cabin and installs the electrics

Galley appliances starting to go in

Glad Peter knows what he is doing!

and the finished job

All the roof fittings going on.  The mushroom vents still to be completed
Back inside things are starting to look finished.  The front of the saloon now has a completed entertainment systems cupboard and the Hobbit log burner is completed.  The water pump is located in the step

The Hobbit log burner and surround

The TV cabinet starts to take shape as does the hide away cupboard for the day room folding chairs that is located between the chettee and the galley unit.

Just the light fittings needed to complete the room

Nearly finished Galley
Washing machine cupboard on Starboard side
tumble dryer is located opposite on Port side
 The day room starts to rear completion with the addition of the custom built glass cabinet

Stow away for the day room table
 Further aft AmyJo's wet room is almost finished and shower fitted whilst the bedroom cupboards are almost complete

AmyJo's heart, the Beta 50 is prepared for installation and sits snugly once in place.  The metalwork can all be unbolted and removed when major work is required or removal necassary

Forward in the cratch and well deck area these have now received their paint and the front doors are fitted

Nav lights and toe steps in place
 By now the finishing touches are going on to AmyJo's outside with the tunnel bands getting their colours whilst master artist Andy Russell brings AmyJo to life with his beautiful rendition of her name

Andy Russell works his magic

Finally as November 2013 draws near AmyJo's fit out nears completion and we are so pleased with the result

The Saloon looking aft with the aptly named Chettee getting its first test
Some of you may ask why we call the large piece of furniture Chris is sitting on (above) a Chettee.  Well that's because its not a chair and neither is it a settee.  Its a square "L" shaped seat Julia nicknamed the "Chettee" and it has stuck ever since.

The galley looking aft
Our day room Art by Kate Webley at

 As Chris and I come from a sailing background we wanted that theme to be incorporated into AmyJo's artwork.  Andy Russell's excellent painting skill blew us away when we saw the door art (below).  Taken from a photo of our own sailing dinghy, and Enterprise, Andy's brief was to depict it in daylight on one door and sunset on the other.

We love the work Andy did for our stern doors

Our tiller extension, home made pin continues the sailing theme

AmyJo's finished name Starboard side

and on the Port side
Artwork on the open rear doors

The cratch cover is put on and fits perfectly

Bit of high tech, the forward facing CCTV camera
The Camera on the cratch board may seem a little OTT but it really comes in handy when manoeuvring in close quarters .  The camera is wide angle and we can see the stem post so know exactly how far AmyJo's bow is from anything in front of it from the monitor at the helms position aft.  The camera is also good for seeing ahead when both of us are at the stern.  It has come in particularly hand at bridge 'oles when we cannot see through whilst both are at the back of the boat.

As AmyJo is named after our two daughters Amy and Joanne we thought it would be nice to include our names somehow and so came up with this idea we had seen on another boat that incorporates our initials in the scroll work

The bow cheeks artwork finished off the sailing theme
AmyJo was finally ready and on 30th November 2013 nearly a year after her build started she was launched at Crick marina on a cold but sunny day at 3pm.

Hooray and up she rises

Round she goes, we're all holding our breath.

Moment of truth and a nervous time for Andy Munro

Touch down and no leaks!

Sitting comfortably on her mooring for the first time.


Christina James said...

Having just been on yet another (!) week in a hire boat, I was reminded of my first visit here and have looked through your build pictures with fascination. I can only assume that you are very happy with Amy Jo, as her fit-out looks wonderful. Hard to believe the complexity of it all. Happy spuddling.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Christina,
Thank you for stopping by. Yes we are really proud of AmyJo and she gives us great pleasure when we are on her. It is well worth the wait.

Oh and we do hope you had a lovely holiday, there's nothing quite like a pootle down the cut to relieve the stresses of life