The Build

AmyJo's Base plates were laid on 13-November-2012 at Alexander Boats in Stourport

Three plates in all make up the base that will be the hull 67feet in total length.  AmyJo is to have traditional stern.

Pre-shaped hull sides are delivered and measured out for size

In the meantime the base plates are cut to the shape of the bow and stern then welded into one continuous base plate to which the hull sides are fitted, these being re-enforced with ribs along the length

Next the swim was fabricated and the stern tube hole cut out

Then the stern base plate is added with a hole for the tiller arm and lugs for tying on the fenders

The length of AmyJo is just starting to become apparent as the stern sides are taking shape

Above can be seen the beginning of AmyJo's josher bow

The next few shots show Chris in the boat for scale.  I just realised Chris is the first out of both of us to board AmyJo.

Here we see the engine bed taking shape and the stern being put together

At this point AmyJo's stern is beginning to take shape and in the photo about the diesel tank and weed hatch are in place as is the skin tank for the engine.

Stern Deck work now complete and the forming of the engine hatch is evident.

Detailing finishes of the stern deck (above) and the rubbing bands complete the hull stern (below)

The Josher bow starting to take shape and is almost complete

First of the cabin bulkheads in place and the well deck is taking shape too

We just had to get aboard to try out the well deck

One VERY happy Chris

Bow locker and fore deck moulding is almost completed

Another big step, the cabin starts to be fabricated

The front of AmyJo and we apologise to Waiouru for stealing their cabin end style but Chris really like them so much she wanted them included on AmyJo.

Fore deck is now complete with mooring dolly and locker hinges.  Well deck lockers starting to go in

Looking good so far, Side doors are now in place and port holes cut out.  Houdini hatch openings and surround are fbricated and in place.

 Here is the end result.  Have to say we are over the moon with how AmyJo has shaped up.  Jim Sparks at Alexander boats has done a fantastic job for us!  We could not have wish for better.

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