Wednesday 3 April 2013

Off for another visit

Hi all,
Not had much to post about of late as we have been down to Essex over the Easter weekend visiting Chris's mum.  Mary was sent home from hospital a few weeks ago but sadly could not manage on her own resulting in her falling several times and having a mini stroke.  The good news is she has been re-assessed and has now been settled in a local care home near where she used to live.  On our visit we found Mary had settled in really well and was quite happy.  She has made friends with another Mary and they have been nicknamed Mary 1 and Mary 2 (Mary 1 leg and Mary 2 legs).  Both are becoming inseparable.

We've had a bit of good news regarding AmyJo and as a result we're off the Stourport tomorrow to see how she is progressing.  According to Jim her bows are now almost complete and he should be starting on the cabin before long.  We'll post photos on our return.  According to the latest estimate AmyJo could be moving to Fernwoods at the end of the month all being well.  So things are looking up.  We've even started looking at bits to buy like TV, sound system, washing machine etc.  More on these later when we get them.

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