Thursday 4 April 2013

Take a bow AmyJo

Just got back from our visit to Alexander boats and I am pleased to say there has been good progress.  So much so AmyJo now has a bow

The Bow almost finished

Looking sleek from this angle
Jim and the boys have the top rubbing band to put on and the inside coming around the well deck to fit in then its all hands to add the cabin sides.   It takes Jim over a week to fabricate the Josher bow alone and we are so please we insisted on having one.  We're delighted with her lines and its well worth the extra cost.

The well deck floor is in place
Looking forward towards the cabin front
The fore deck is almost complete and the bow locker hatch is in place.  All the mounding around the bow has been fabricated (forgive me but I do not know the correct term for this).

Foredeck showing the coming waiting to be completed

The bow locker lid and bow moulding
We had a lengthy chat as to where the port holes and side hatches were going and while using Fernwoods plans Jim drew the locations on the gunwales for Chris to see where they go. Have to say they look like they are going to sit well.

Before we left we could not resist a little photo shoot, just to get the feel of AmyJo's well deck.

Chris daunted having looked down the length of AmyJo

Soaking up the moment on board

A good view of the Josher Bow.
 Could not resist this last picture, says it all....

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