Saturday 27 April 2013

We just stood there and said....


We arrived at Alexander boats early this morning and poked our heads through the door and the smile on Chris's face said it all.

AmyJo has come on a long way since our last visit and is almost ready to ship to Fernwoods.  This was the sight that greeted us.  

Cabin sides are in place and side doors and portholes in place.

Jim informed us that all that is left to do is complete the work from the rear porthole aft as can be seen above.  Walking forward our excitement mounted as we looked on at the side doors

Fender cleats are set into the gunnels

The roof line and hand rails are complete together with openings for the Houdini hatches above the Galley and day room

Looking forward
Looking aft
Center line ring re-enforced with a base plate
We started to get a good feel for AmyJo's shape and size now as we looked back along her hull

Up at the well deck end both lockers are in place

Both Chris and I are regular readers of fellow bloggers Tom and Jan, owners of Waiouru.  Chris really likes the front of their cabin sides and we confess we pinched their design for AmyJo and have to say Jim has made a good job there and admits he is quite pleased with the result himself.

Looking back from the bow AmyJo's lines look lovely

All the fore deck details are now complete

Bow locker looking better now it has some hinges.

A huge difference from when we last saw her

And what can we see through the round window today.  Chris being one happy lady could not resist a game of peek-a-boo.

Next time we see AmyJo will be on the 8th May if all goes to plan to see her moved to Fernwoods.  Chris is really keen to see how Jim gets AmyJo out of his workshop and what type of lorry will transport her.  We'll have pictures and videos of the event of course.



Jo Lodge said...

Wooooo hooooo wow she is looking amazing. You must be so excited at her progress?
Just think it will not be long before your out on her enjoying life afloat.

Hugsss Jo x

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Jo,
Yes we are pretty excited right now. Sounds daft but I just keep looking at the photos and still cannot get used to the fact that the boat I'm looking at is actually ours. LOL.

Hope your back is better, must be painful working the locks and bridges for you.

warm regard