Monday 22 April 2013

Shell Nearing Completion

Hi all,
Things are starting to happen quicker now all of a sudden.  Had a call from Jim Sparks at Alexander boats to say they were looking to deliver AmyJo to Fernwoods on the 8th May though this is still to be confirmed.  Jim tells me the cabin has been fabricated and they are well on track to complete her for delivery on the 8th.

As I am on holiday for a week I'm taking the opportunity to finish boarding out the loft and have arranged a visit on Saturday to see AmyJo and the progress so far.  Off course we'll post the photos when we get back and she should be pretty near finished by then.

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and I see some are getting the boats ready for the summer ahead.  Lets hope it is a good one.  We've been reading with interest fellow bloggers blacking their hulls as we will need to do the same at some point in the future so hope to get a few pointers along the way.  Sounds like hard work to me but necessary just the same and the boats do look lovely afterwards.

Crick is looming up on the horizon and Chris and I are really looking forward to going on Saturday and Sunday.   Me thinks I've got some saving up to do before then as we have a growing list of bits and pieces we are going to need.

Thats all for now as I have another day ahead in the loft.  TTFN

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