Thursday 3 August 2017

Summer Cruise Day 26 Burscough to Parbold

Well this morning can best be described as YUCK!  Cold and damp from the offset we left in a heavy pour of fine rain.  Needless to say we did not have chance to take many photos. 

Taken from the shelter of the railway bridge, Burscough Mill is now apartment like so many others

Chris and Smudge sheltered in the Cratch whilst we cruised on
 There are several swing bridges on the way and poor Chris braved the rain each time.  I did offer in her stead but she is OK with doing things ashore when we cruise so I had to console myself in the relative dry and warmth of the pram hood I'm afraid, nothing for it.

Passing through one of 4 swing bridges today, thankfully all now automatically operated by the press of a button.

By 11am we came into Parbold.  The wind was now getting up and the enjoyment of cruising was quickly ebbing away.  We made the decision to stop in Parbold for the night to see out the weather.  Tomorrow's forecast looks even worse with a lot stronger winds due.  We may stay put for a couple of days until it passes.  No sense in struggling if there is no need.

Chris wanted to call into the butchers here so took herself off into the village.  On the way she passed this ornate looking building once a bank now a trendy clothes shop.

Ornate bank now a clothes shop
 Sods law states if its raining and you stop cruising the sun will come out.  True to form within a hour of mooring the sun came out and a pleasant enough afternoon followed though as evening comes the forecast wind is steadily getting stronger.  We, however, have found a mooring relatively sheltered form the wind for now.

Total distance:3.38 miles Elapsed time:1h50m14s Locks:0 Bridges:10 
Average speed:1.84 mph (1.84 lock/mph)

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