Saturday 19 August 2017

Day 42 Lyme Green to Congleton Aqueduct

After the usual morning chores and preparation we got under way in bright morning sunshine though a little on the cool side at first.  The sun soon warmed things up and as the morning progressed it got hotter and hotter.

Leaving the Lyme Green mooorings

We had a good run to the swing bridge at Dane Moss and only one car left queuing as we passed through,  clearly when schools out this road is hardly used.

Swing bridge at Dane Moss
 We reached Bosley top lock to find it in our favour.  Another boater coming out of the services kindly opened the gates for us.  Unfortunately this was the only lock in our favour and with no boats coming up we had to reset each one as we descended.

By lock 4 the sky was looking pretty dark and threatening.  Distant rumbles of thunder accompanying it.  We prepared for the downpour to come and carried on.

Dark angry sky and clear signs of a deluge to come.
 Chris donned her boaters coat but in the end we only received a light shower, the rain scudded across in front of us.

Only a few spots of rain but still we thought the worst

Within minutes the sun re-appeared and all looked good,  We had dodged the worst of the rain.  In fact the sky has had some pretty dramatic cloud formation all day some rain leaden and some with accompanying thunder.  Luck for us we dodged all the rain.

Love these cloud formations

Even better at lock 5 two volunteer lockies appeared with two boats coming up which meant the rest of the locks remained in our favour.  Odd that other than two more boats before the locks these were the only boats we met on the move all day.  Perhaps the freshening breeze might have had something to do with that.

Fabulous cloud formation over the aptly named "The cloud" hill

Another darkened sky crossing ahead of us

But we worked the locks in bright warm sunshine

Thats the royal we of course.  I gave Chris a rest at lock 6.

For the rest of the trip we remained bathed in sunshine, they say the sun shines on the righteous :-) Rain clouds moved all around us but somehow we manage to keep clear.

The canal skirts round the cloud for some distance and the view of it is magnificent.  I'd like to go up there one day, the views must be spectacular up there.  The cut out plateau near the summit is the source of the stone blocks quarried to build the Bosley locks.

The cloud now washed with sunshine
 Just before Vaudrey's wharf we came across this gaily coloured boat flying the rainbow gay flag.  Clearly the owners are comfortable and open with their emotions and are happy to show it.  Have to say the boat sparkled with all sorts of bling and is clearly very well maintained. 

I guess being gay is clearly not a problem for George and Louis.  Good for them I say.

On the approach to Congleton at 3:30pm we found some lovely moorings on an aqueduct to stop for the night.  The sun is shining and the solar panels are working flat out keeping the batteries fully charged.  Now for that afternoon power nap!

Total distance:7.84 miles Elapsed time:5h37m44s Locks:12 Bridges:32 
Average speed:1.39 mph (3.52 lock/mph) 

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