Wednesday 16 August 2017

Summer Cruise Day 39 Disley to Higher Poynton

We woke to the sun streaming in through the port holes and for once Smudge was still out for the count.  It took him a while to come too.  Must have been a good deep sleep for him to be like that.

A relatively short run was planned for today as we wanted to stop in Marple.  We set off at our usual 9:30pm and chugged along taking in the lovely scenery around here.  It rates as one of our favorite bits of canal round here.

Almost a picture postcard view.

Just before Marple Junction we came across nb Brammle.  We know this boat as it used to belong to one of our mooring neighbours at Tattenhall Marina but they sold her earlier in the year to move ashore.  She looks as if her new owners are taking good care of her.

Still well maintained nb Brammle looks as good as she did when we last saw her

Approaching Marple junction

At Marple Junction we swung under the bridge and onto the Macclesfield canal.  We found a free spot just after the next bridge to moor up and then walked into town.

Narrows immediately after the turn.  Presumably boats would have been
measured here and a toll levied based on the tonnage of cargo carried.

Whilst in town I managed to buy a new tool box.  Up to now all my tools had been crammed into a very small Halfords tool bag.  Every time I needed something I had to empty the entire contents to find the tool I wanted.  The new 16 inch box has lift out shelves and means my tools can be accessed much easier now. Just need to find a home onboard for it now!

After a cuppa back on AmyJo we got under way again as it was a lovely day for cruising.  We decided we would stop wherever took our fancy rather than stay all day at Marple.

Passing through Hawk Green is located  the Goyt Mill.  A rather magnificent building of red and cream bricks.  Built in 1905 by Johnathan Partland LTD and designed by Manchester architects Stott and sons.

As a spinning Mill it housed 82000 mule spindles, the largest number in the country at the time.  Spinning ceased in the 60s and so the mill was used to store plastics and foam.  The mill finally closed in 1980, just about avoided demolition and is now divided into several business units.

Impressive Goyt Mill

Plenty of boats on the move today.

We eventually found some nice Armco and rings to moor at Poynton, home of Braidbar boats yard.  Ahead of us is moored this rather odd looking craft.  It is, in fact, a Caracraft (click), a cross between a caravan and a boat.  If the website is anything to go by these look quite comfortable inside.  When moving on land the Caracraft is simply pulled onto a road base and can then be used as a normal caravan.  Oddly they are made in Australia so I wonder how this one got over to the UK?

The caracraft caravan boat

Our mooring tonight, Braidbar's yard is further on round the corner

Total distance:3.73 miles Elapsed time:2h27m54s Locks:0 Bridges:16 
Average speed:1.66 mph (1.66 lock/mph) 

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