Tuesday 8 August 2017

Summer Cruise Day 29 Worsley to Castlefields Manchester

Once more we woke early but did not rush to leave.  We know it was not far into Manchester so we moved AmyJo onto the water point and topped up whilst Chris went to investigate the buildings opposite us.  They had the appearance of being a medieval Tithe barn but research revealed the were originally oil stores built in 1852 for the canal operations.  Converted in 1986 in these lovely apartments.

View of the oil stores from the canal

and from the road 
Just as we were ready to get underway a boat slowly passed us.  We fell in line astern just as a day boat rounded the bend behind us.  The boat in front continued to go slow all the way to Barton Aqueduct before finally deciding to let us pass, all the while the lady on the gunnels polishing the boat.  Good job we were in no hurry but the day boat behind were getting impatient though.   Once passed the slow boat (still on tick over) we let the day boat pass us.

Lights were red but not for us.  The slow boat ahead and lady polishing on the gunnel.

She was still polishing as they crossed Barton Aqueduct

Manchester Shipping canal looking toward Manchester

Looking back at the bridge with day boat just about to cross.

Of course all of this was of no consequence to Smudge who dozed in the warm sunshine
Eventually we reached Waters Meeting and swung left toward Manchester and new waters for AmyJo, again.

Turning left at waters meeting

The Kellogs Warehouse,  What a lovely smell filled the air here.
We carried on past the container terminal an on past Manchester United's Stadium.

Hallowed ground for united fans.

Soon we came to new development and numerous bridges.  At one new shiny office block we could see ourselves and AmyJo reflected in the black glass

New developments on the way into the city

Not a good photo but we could see our reflection much better
We soon noticed that despite the new developments these nestled along side areas of dereliction, presumably waiting their turn to rise again.

After the shiny windows came dereliction, in this case an old mill.
After a couple of miles we lost count of the number of bridges we passed under.

Any more bridges and we would be fully enclosed
One bridge that did stand out is Throstle nest bridge.  There have been two unrelated bridges with this name. The present one is a small footbridge. The other was an iron bowstring road bridge across the River Irwell, connecting Manchester and Salford.

Next we passed Salford Quays.  We could not see much of the quays themselves but we knew they were near by the Satellite dishes on the buildings of Media City.

Media city and a glimpse of the quays

From here on in the canal plays dodgems with railway, tram and road bridges most elevated above us

Mero link runs parallel to the canal for some way into the city

Whilst railway bridges weave over the canal.

More new development right on the canal side

and again dereliction but now we were seeing sign posts along the route
Blink and you'll miss it.  As one approaches Castlefields it is easy to miss it in the profusion of side arms and disused basins.  Fortunately the bottom lock of the Rochdale 9 block further passage and Castlefields Quay appears on the right

Basin to the left of me, Basin to the right here am I stuck in the middle with view
The lock is just under the white bridge with the basin to the right just under it.

Having just passed under the bridge we arrived at Castlefield Basin
 After winding in front of the Grocer's warehouse we were relieved to find a mooring just in front of this red boat on the left.

Grocer's warehouse behind the arches and our mooring in front of the red boat behind us

After settling AmyJo on her mooring we took Smudge for his usual walk after cruising and explored the basin area.  We crossed the white bridge and felt odd as the entire bridge platform bounced as we walked on it.  Smudge was unsure what to do about this but with a little coaxing he manage to cross too.

Another basin opposite.  We had come in from left of photo where the party boat is now heading

Much to Smudge's relief we found a good sized patch of grass for him and whilst there two tiny doggies came to play with him.  Smudge was chuffed he was the bigger dog for a change.  We had to restrain him as he wanted to jump all over them.

I think this was a Chiwawah though it had little hair I could see? 
In the evening we learned that Chris's Neice was in town whom she had not seen in a good while.  Louise joined us and later still Chris's sister Janet and husband Peter, who again not seen for a while, joined us.  We all went out for a bite to eat and found a very good Italian restaurant call Ask Italian, near Piccadilly Gardens.

Louse on the left, Peter in the middle and Chris's sister Janet on the right

Total distance:7.56 miles Elapsed time:2h40m22s Locks:0 Bridges:35 
Average speed:2.83 mph (2.83 lock/mph) 

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