Saturday 15 July 2017

Summer Cruise Day 6 - Moore to Walton Hall.

We woke this morning to the sound of the bakery van delivering the days bread at 6am as the driver slammed the trays around in the back of his truck.  This continued with cars pulling up, doors slamming and cars driving off as villagers visited the store.

We all sat down to Bacon and egg Sandwiches for breakfast and then Amy and Rob said their farewells and headed home.  We decided to move after lunch but in the mean time chilled out in the cratch to watch thew world speed past.  They sure don't slow down when passing moored boats around here!   Whilst enjoying our sit in the cratch we were invaded by several Kayakers taking to the water, it was clear many Kayaking for the first time.  This made for some entertainment and we chatted with them whilst they waited for the others to get onto the water.

Novices clinging on for dear life as the Kayaks seemed very wobbly but all immensely enjoying the experience
 After lunch we took Smudge for his mid day walk and to scout out possible mooring spots.  On the way a gap in the hedgerow revealed a field of horses, one of which was a very young fowl.  As you know from my previous post earlier Smudge loves to play with horses but this time we had him on a lead.  To our surprise and Smudge's delight the fowl, and its mother, came over to say hello.  They all sniffed each others noses for a good few minutes, Smudges little rudder of a tail wagging furiously and then mum lead the fowl away.   All the time Smudge behaved himself and did not scare the horses.  It was so cool to witness such a meeting.

Mum and fowl behind approach Smudge to say hello

Pleasantries over mum leads the fowl away much to Smudges disappointment
 After our Sorte we returned to AmyJo and moved her all of a mile up the canal to a nice sheltered spot not far from Walton Hall Gardens which we hope to explore tomorrow. 

Our mooring for the night seen from a nearby bridge.
This evening to cheers from the nearby cricket ground we sat and worked out where we need to be over the next few days to get to Liverpool for our booked day to enter the docks.  So far we are well ahead of schedule so can take things relatively easy.  

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