Wednesday 10 August 2016

Summer Cruise Day 30 - Day off and visitors

We had heard from Sister-in-law Catherine that her brother had been in a very bad Motorcycle accident on the Isle of Man and had been airlifted to Liverpool Hospital.

They had been staying with the girls back at the house and visiting at the hospital over the last few days.  We got a call from them saying they would like to visit and we suggested a look round the Wedgwood factory which they readily accepted.  So with that arrange all plans to move were dropped for a day so AmyJo got to rest for once.

Unfortunately due to lack of phone signal they arrived at the factory today and were on the tour when we got their message.  We high tailed it over to the factory and eventually met up to look round the museum and factory outlets.

New museum complex

Reception to the left and Factory shops to the right
The actual factory is all located on the first and second floors with the ground floor dedicated to the design studio and shop.  Outside Willow sculptures stood depicting a treas set.  The whole area was spotless and pleasant to sit out.  There is even an excellent tea room serving meals though we found it to be a tad expensive.

The man himself, Josiah Wedgwood
 As you approach a status of Josiah Wedgwood is there tn greet you.  Its actually a replica of the original designed by Edward Davies that was cast in Bronze.  In 1862 the original sculpture  was displayed at the International Exhibition and in 1863 erected outside Stoke-on-Trent railway station where it is to this day.

Sadly we could not take any photos but the museum itself is fascinating.  Normally museums don't do much for me but I could not believe just how much variation there was to the Wedgwood products as well as how intricate the artwork could be.  In all well worth a visit.

Chris's brother Alan and wife Katherine.

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