Monday 8 August 2016

Summer Cruise Day 28 - Cheddleton to Milton

Like other bloggers we always find it difficult to post about something when you are retracing over ground already taken.

Today is no exception, the only difference is the increase in wind as the day wore on.

The day started promising, warm and sunny again.  The shorts saw the light of day once more.  We had an interesting run down to Hazelhurst with the wind building up into quite a strong head wind.  AmyJo put her shoulder to it and made steady progress into it.  At the Holy bush there was no sign of that boat like the stolen one from Mercia nor were we surprised it was not there.

Hardly any boats outside the pub this time
 Rounding a bend we spotted the poorly looking working boat tucked away up a little side arm.  I so wanted to extract it and give it a good restoration but its not mine so we had to leave it behind.  Its such a shame a once proud old lady like that could be left in that state, we do hope she has a better future than her present.

We so wanted to save this boat.  It looked so lost in there.
 We passed back under the aqueduct and started our climb up the Hazelhurst locks.  Unfortunately a single hander had beaten us to them so we had to turn every one from Cheddleton to here.

Lower pound between the bottom and middle locks
In the middle pound the narrowboat above was still there now served with a notice from C&RT.  We're guessing it may join the ranks of others just abandoned and no license either.  Pitty C&RT could not impound them somewhere and if not claimed and license paid after a certain time auction them off to help raise much needed funds.  We're seeing more and more boats like this as the days pass.

At last a boat coming down the top lock so I wait in the middle lock for them to clear.
In the top lock a very observant lady lock wheeling for the next boat waiting to come down noticed the owl box on a telegraph pole with a permanent resident at home.  Inside a stuffed owl had made its home there.

I wonder how long the owl had been there and how many of us would actually spot it.

The observant Owl spotting lady helps Chris with the paddles.
By now the wind was getting pretty strong and AmyJo was crabbing along the cut in exposed places. Making tricky maneuvers a test of skill and mind over matter.   We decided if we could get in we would stop at Milton again.  Luckily a good spot was free so we moored up for the night.  Its 6:30pm as I type and its blowing a hooly outside.  AmyJo is rocking and creaking in the wind.  Her poor joints are going through it.  If it's like this in the morning we may have to stay put.  Good news is on the horizon over the next few days a high pressure system is heading our way.  Pray it does not take too long getting here!

Total distance:6.44 miles Elapsed time:5h26m8s Locks:9 
Bridges:27 Average speed:1.18 mph (2.84 lock/mph) 

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