Monday 13 August 2018

Day 19 - Llangollen to Poacher's Pocket

It has come to my attention that my posts may have implied that those in our fleet have been partying and getting drunk most nights.  My apologies if that is the impression my posts have given.  Please rest assured that is NOT the case.  Whilst we have had some "heavy" nights, most have been sat round a log fire chatting and enjoying each others company.  Some have to drive to work next day so do not have much to drink, the rest of us do have more sober nights than drunk ones.

That out of the way back to the blog in hand

Today was time to say farewell to Llangollen and start our trip back.   It felt a little cooler today but still a nice day none the less.  We pulled out at about 9:30am and found that a large number of boats were towards us.

Leaving the basin.
Llangollen Wharf was busy as ever,  all the trip boats were lined up waiting for their passengers.

Our fleet make their way down from Llangollen one by one.

Its going to be busy in the basin tonight as boat, after boat, after boat was passed going upstream.  Chris went ahead as lookout per usual and reached the Trevor basin to see the trip boat just leaving to cross the aqueduct.  

Being only a short way back from the junction I made the turn and followed the trip boat onto the aqueduct.

Approaching the junction with the all clear from Chris
Having crossed the aqueduct we joined the busy section at Froncysyllte.  This time the trip boat was trying to wind but a hire boat was moored on the winding hole.  I can only imagine the exchange from the trip boat captain at this point as the hire boat soon moved out of the way.  We have heard the colourful language from the trip boat crew before so had a good idea how the exchange would have gone.

Waiting for the trip boat to wind.  The errant hire boat can be seen to the right of the boat in front.
 At the lift bridge Chris raised it and waited for the fleet to pass through, first Paul....

Then Eric....

Next was Graham

and finally Marie.  It should be ladies first but Marie prefers to follow.

We crossed Chirk Aqueduct and Tunnel without hitch and with only two boats waiting to come through.

Another trip boat waiting to enter the tunnel

After a brief pause at Chirk Bank for lunch we continued our way and eventually moored at the Poacher's Pocket for the night

Total distance:9.20 miles Elapsed time:6h16m0s Locks:0 Bridges:22 
Average speed:1.47 mph (1.47 lock/mph) 

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