Friday 10 August 2018

Day 18 - Llangollen Basin to Horsefalls

We decided to take advantage of the 48 hour mooring in the basin so this morning we paid our mooring fees and went for s stroll in the town.  From the canal wharf the town looks great with the hills behind.  

We then decided to have breakfast and whilst in the cafe the rest of our friends joined us.  Seems they had the same idea and by chance had chosen the same cafe as us.

In the afternoon I wanted to walk to the horseshoe falls and Graham, Marie and Eric came too.  As it was Chris's turn to doggy sit so she stayed behind and chilled in a chair in the sunshine reading her book.

The stream train was running again today and came past us slowly enabling me to take this photo.

Halfway to the falls there is a motor museum that we have walked past many times.  This time Eric and I decide to go and take a look.  Entry is £4 but for me it was money well spent.  The museum is an Aladdin's cave of motorbilia.  It is stuffed full of Motorbikes, cars and car parts.  It bought back so many good memories when I was a kid and these vehicles were commonplace.

Motor enthusiasts heaven

When I was a kid I always dreamt of having one of these.  Now I'd need a lottery win to get one.

But I did own one of these!

We got to horseshoe falls and they looked super in the sunshine.  Some people were swimming nearby so we decided to sit and dip our feet into the water.  It was icy cold but felt good.  We sat there for a while, just resting.  It felt like heaven.

Horseshoe falls.  There was a lot of driftwood last time we were here but much has been cleared away now.

After a while we walked back to the Chain Bridge hotel and had a refreshing drink.  The bridge is now complete and looks great.

On our return to the boats another friend, Bob, joined us and we all went for a meal in the Corn Mill Inn.  We were seated on the top floor and whilst the food was great service was very poor.  We had to go downstairs and ask for a drink, and waited ages for it.  What we can't understand is why we were on the top floor despite plenty of tables being free downstairs.  It would have made life a lot easier for the waitresses.

Cleggy, foggy, and Compo are nothing compared to the antics this lot get up to.

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