Wednesday 8 August 2018

Day 17 - Froncysyllte to Llangollen Basin

We got underway about 11am today as we wanted to miss the early morning traffic leaving Llangollen and this turned out to be a good tactic later

There is a house here that used to be full of blooms and really colourful.  Sadly this year the garden looks a bit neglected.

Not as colourful as last tie we passed by.

As we approached the lift bridge a boater was walking back to his boat having just raised it.  He waved us through so we thanked him and once through turned onto the last leg of canal before the aqueduct.

There are a couple of water points just passed the long term moorings so we took the opportunity to top up.  Meanwhile these canoeist were getting in the way of passing boats and a queue was forming coming downstream because of them.  This is always an entertaining stretch of canal with much boat shuffling going on, in the middle of all this, the sweet boat, once again making it difficult for boats to pass each other.

Canoeist had held up boats on the aqueduct .
 Topped up and just as the fleet arrived I cast off and we got under way again.

Getting underway again

On arrival at the aqueduct boats were going our way so we followed them onto it.  The sun was giving us an excellent view all round including our shadow far below

I simply love going over this aqueduct.

the view never disappoints

And that sensation of flying again
 Once over we found Trevor surprisingly clear, only two boats waiting to cross.  I made a perfect turn under the bridge without hitting anything only to catch the wall beyond.  Good job no one saw it.

Empty basin.  Never seen it like this before.

Chris being artistic with the camera.
 We proceeded up to Llangollen meeting very few boats coming the other way so leaving later worked out just right.

Passing moored boats with Paul following behind

Smudge acting as forward look out
 At one point we came across these sheep drinking from the canal.  We later heard the one nearest to the camera was seen up to its neck in water and in distress.  I do hope it got out OK.

Just before the narrows a private boat pulled off feet in front of me causing me to use reverse to avoid hitting him.  It was clear he knew I was there but gave no apology.  He then proceeded the rest of the way on tick over.  We were later to find out he was a nasty piece of work.

In the narrows he proceeded without sending anyone ahead.  He could see the trip boat approaching the other way but did nothing to pull in to let it pass.  As we were already in the narrows aware of the trip boat thanks to Chris up ahead we held back.  

The chap then shouted at the trip boat yelling at them to reverse siting they had already spoilt his holiday last time he came up.  It got him nowhere and eventually he gave up and reversed back to us so the trip boat could pull into the passing pace.  We could all then get underway again.

The rude gent making the turn into llangollen

We found several empty jetties in the corner of the basin furthest in so all moored one after the other.  After 3 weeks we had arrived at our destination.  For Marie, who has not long owned her boat, this was a major achievement, and for some others, the first time reversing onto a mooring so, in the evening we celebrated with a bar-b-q long into the night and early hours.

Basking in sunshine in the basin

Celebratory Bar-b-q

Total distance:5.30 miles Elapsed time:3h34m49s Locks:0 Bridges:18 
Average speed:1.48 mph (1.48 lock/mph) 

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