Tuesday 4 April 2017

Easter Cruise Day 5 Ellesmere and an afternoon of little jobs

This morning dawned bright and sunny and little wind though it did pick up as the day went on.  Most of the boats took their leave of the arm as the morning went on and we almost had the arm to ourselves at one point.

The arm empties of moored boats
 We took ourselves off for a wonder round the town and let Smudge stretch his legs in the nearby park.  Elesmere is one of those towns that in its day would have been well to do with numerous old buildings and streets springing up.  Sadly nowadays its looking like a town that has had its day.  Its still nice to wonder round but apart from the Tesco supermarket very few shops were open though there are one or too nice pubs. Interestingly a lot of new developments have sprung up since we were last here with housing still being built

A new estate of modern housing new hides Tescos behind

The high street

A circular route took us round the town and we spotted AmyJo basking in the sun in the distance

This building took our eye. I wonder if the raised door had steps before but is now seems no longer in use

We next walked to the Mere visitor centre and had a cuppa.  Smudge was on his best behaviour meeting all the other dogs then sat patiently whilst we drank our tea at the centre.  A first for him as he has little patience to sit still for long.

A lovely walk along the Mere
Still wanting more walkies even after our 2 mile trek.  Dad needs a rest.

In the afternoon with the sun now blazing down (yes it was actually hot for the first time) the solar panels topped the batteries up to 100% nicely.  I got on with a few jobs.  The stern gland has started to drip so I took up the gland with a turn on the nuts but ensuring the prop shaft still turned easily.

The rain drains on the stern deck hatch were full of dried dirt and the port side was actually blocked.  I gave both sides a good rodding out then cleaned up the channel, the water now flows away freely.  I also gave the stern deck matting a good scrub too.

Tomorrow we continue the cruise heading for Chirk.

Tonight's sunset

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