Thursday 13 April 2017

Day 14 and 15 Barbridge to Bunbury

Yesterday we made the last short run of the trip to Bunbury Wharf.  Along the way we stopped off at the Calverley services to top up with water and use the showers.  Whilst there butty Saturn passed by with her tow Dane heading for the port museum.

Motor Dane pulling Saturn pass us at Calverley

Saturn is always instantly recognisable even before you see her cabin
 We pulled into a vacant mooring just above the staircase at Bunbury for the night and watched as two by two the old work boats locked through.

Lindsay and Keppel

The King and Ilford

The King
 This morning I got on and made some apple pies for Chris to take down to Essex for my parents.  They turned out very Kipling (exceedingly good if I may say so myself).  She will be gone over the holiday weekend and I'll be laying new decking and path at the house.  

After lunch, and after Smudge's walk, we moved AmyJo down onto the Anglo Welsh Wharf as all their boats bar one are out.   I feel for the owners of the boats on the moorings above the locks.  We were only there a few hours this morning before we moved but got bashed several times by passing or waiting boats.  We even had crews jumping on and off the boat!  Where has respect for other peoples property gone these days?  Bet they would not like it if I kept driving a 30 ton truck into their homes or their cars heh?

We'll now be here for the coming week for two reasons.  One, AmyJo is booked to go into their poly tunnel to finally get her gunwales repainted plus a few rust spots on the roof dealt with.  Second, as payment, I am going to help out around the yard during the week preparing for their open day on the 23rd (all are welcome by the way) and just doing general jobs where needed.  I'll also be helming their day boat doing free trips along the cut and back for taster sessions.  I really enjoy that so look forward to then.

Total distance:2.79 miles Elapsed time:2h12m59s Locks:0 Bridges:5 
Average speed:1.26 mph (1.26 lock/mph)

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