Sunday 24 July 2016

Summer Cruise - Day 13 New Mills to Marple

Today we started retracing our steps back to the Trent and Mersey.  We had planned on continuing up to Huddersfield but reading Ian and Irene's  exploits with low levels and empty pounds we knew we would not get AmyJo up there so we trimmed that bit off our plans this time round.   You can read their blog here (click)

Another pleasant day saw us past Furnace Vale Marina and the Swizzles factory with those lovely smells again.

Swizzles factory at New Mills
 Then on past Disley with these lovely maintained towpaths and banks

Even the posts had reflectors on them

An of course the Peak district is never far away.
 Remembering Chris had a bit of a struggle with the lift and swing bridges on our way up I volunteered to do them this time.  Chris is still nervous on the helm but she does herself an injustice as she maneuvered AmyJo with ease.  If she was bricking it she didn't let show especially with another boat following.

Time to work of that beer belly of mine

Chris looking rightly pleased with herself.

I do like this place, could happily settle there.
 The approach to Marple junction is preceeded in this direction by a marina.  Its not clear which way the cut goes from this viewpoint but a thoughtfully placed arrow guides one in the right direction.  I wonder how many have had to reverse out of the marina having not heeded the arrow?

The arrow is just between the cabin cruisers on the right, main line continues to the left
 It being a Saturday and rejoining the Cheshire ring we cautiously made our turn at the junction but surprisingly the way was clear, not even a boat coming up the locks.

Starting our turn left at the junction chris stood on the bow checking the way is clear

No traffic coming up Marple locks at this time
 Having passed through the gauging narrows we found a mooring just after the next bridge 'ole opposite the Ring-o-bells pub.  Hopefully it will not be too lively tonight.

After lunch and whilst I typed up today's post Chris took herself off for a wander round the town.  We needed diesel and knew Brian on Alton was due in Bugsworth tomorrow PM so I stayed aboard incase he appeared as we knew he was close.

Chris was back before Alton arrived, in fact it was 6:30pm when Alton's Claxon heralded their arrival.  Brian and his wife were aboard and whilst we filled with diesel we chatted about our plans and where we were headed.  Brian offering great places to stop all seemingly by pubs.  I wonder why.

Alton coming alongside

Fill her up please Brian.
The rest of the evening was spent enjoying a great band playing in the Ring-O-Bells pub nearby.  Pretty good they were too.

Total distance:4.67 miles Elapsed time:2h28m38s Locks:0 
Bridges:13 Average speed:1.88 mph (1.88 lock/mph) 


Adam said...

Our favourite mooring on the Macc was by Bridge 86. Railings instead of a hedge on the towpath, so there are great views across Cheshire, and it's a short walk across the fields to Little Moreton Hall, which is National Trust, and well worth a visit, purely for the extreme wonkiness of the building!

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks for that tip. We'll definately look into that as it sound great.