Tuesday 7 April 2015

Easter 2015 Cruise - Day 3

We had a peaceful night last night, so much so we did not wake until gone 8am.  We had a pleasant run past the Whitchurch arm in the company of John and his wife on nb William. We had several swing bridges to deal with so we opened them and cruised through then John would cruise through and close them behind him.

One of several lift bridges in the Whitchuch area

John's wife steers nb William through the bridge we just past through.
From here on in the canal meanders through endless rural countryside that whilst pretty much alike still gave us plenty to see in the form of birds.  Our bird book came in very handy to spot the breeds we saw.  Chris was becoming a dab hand a twitching each day.

At Prees Junction we resisted the urge to turn left into the arm today, perhaps on our return as we will have some time to hand.  

The most photographed house at the junction, instantly recognisable

Much more traffic after Press,  Boat after boat headed towards us.

Andy never told me Fernwoods were diversifying.
Turning right we headed towards Bettisfield.  According to the Pearson's there was a water point there and as we thought it prudent we sought to fill there.  This turned out to be impossible.  The queue of boats waiting would mean hours lost so we decided to press on.  Unfortunately we must have annoyed a trite lady on a boat in the queue as we proceeded on.  "Are you going for water?" she snapped to which politely I replied we were but as it was busy we would give it a miss this time.  "Well we're next and the boat in front is before us" She scowled, her husband edging their boat out from the bank on its center line as we passed them to ensure I would not take their place.  I chose to ignore them from then on.  If you are going to get uptight over a trifle like that and not take people at their word get off your boat and walk home, you'll find it less stressful.

After that the rest of the day was bliss in the warm sunshine.  We passed Cole Mere and Blake Mere with more of those fantastic views that the LLangollen serves up along its path.

Cole Mere


Could sit there all day when I get the chance
Next was the 87 yard Ellesmere tunnel.  Nothing special to look at but exiting one is greeted with more lovely views.  A short run further and we pulled in to a great sunny spot right outside Ellesmere Marina.

Later we took the short walk on to the Ellesmere arm and the new Tesco for a shop.  As expected late in the day, no empty moorings were available in the arm but if one can find a spot here this is a great place to stop.

Ellesmere junction seen from the arm

The arm seen from the bridge at its entrance

AmyJo's mooring outside the marina
That night we walked into the village for a drink.  We came across across a pub called the White Hart where on entering we found a local folk night in full swing with the locals playing and singing.  We stay late into the night and found the evening absolutely fascinating.  A violinist joined the band during the evening and brought the house down with some deft bow work to many an Irish jig.  He even ad libbed at just the right time when other artists were playing or singing making some great music.  Apparently this was a regular function every first sunday of the month there.

The White Hart.  Landlord keeps an excellent Shroppy Gold ale

Our musicians for the night

This guy played the violin like a professional, fantastic!
Such a great night was had it was the early hours before we got to bed.  

Tomorrow we head on up stream now in new waters for AmyJo.  Will we reach the aqueducts?  Can't wait to cross the Pontcysyllte aqueduct. again.


Adam said...

If you have a bit of spare time, we can recommend a diversion down the Monty. You have to book the day before and can only go down at lunchtime, but it's well worth it -- it's very pretty, very quiet, and the Navigation Inn at Maesbury Marsh does fantastic food. We had just one night on the Monty, so must have got to Maesbury Marsh in an afternoon. Well worth it if you have the time.

nb AmyJo said...

Most grateful for the info. We're booked to go up the Mont on Saturday so will definitely take a meal in the Navigation inn whilst we're up there.