Monday 6 April 2015

Easter 2015 Cruise - Day 2

This morning was slightly better than yesterday as it was still grey and cold but at least the rain had gone away.  The wind was almost non - existent as we upped pins at 8:45.  We crept past the other Tattenhall boats and made our way to the Hurlston Locks and the start of our cruise on the LLangollen canal.

Two boats were working their way up when we arrived so the first two locks were against us.  As we were about to exit the second lock another boat came out of the one above so now that was in our favour.  Before I had chance to clear our lock and move to one side in the pound the other boat came out cutting off my exit.  He had to reverse back into his lock so I could get out of mine and work round him.  Eventually we passed and carried on our way.

Waiting for the bottom lock to be turned.

Hurlston Locks

Crossing over in the pound .  He was not going to wait for me to clear the
lock neither.  I'm sure he thought he could get in whilst I was still in it.
We then cruised on passed Swanley Marina and up  the two Swanley locks.  We made good time through the Baddiley locks despite them all being against us.  By now the day was warming up and the coats came off and jumpers stayed on.  It was here we saw our first clutch of ducklings this year.  Clearly mum had her wings full as the brood was quite a size.  We think they would only be a day or to old.

All the ducklings stuck to mun like glue not leaving her side.

We found the cut still very quiet with few boats on the move.  We usually stop at Wrenbury but when we got there it was wall to wall boats from the first lift bridge, and on past the Dusty Miller.  As luck was with us we had not planned to stop there this time and so as the sun was making an appearance we carried on.

Passing under Wrenbury's electric lift bridge
By now temperatures were feeling quite comfortable making the journey on to Marbury lock quite pleasant.  Mugs of welcome tea and Hot Cross buns became the order of the day but they did not last long.

On up Quoisley and Willey Moor locks.  Once again the Willey moor inn was closed.  Does it ever open we wondered?  Now the sun was out and the sky almost clear of clouds.  Seems the weather gods favoured us again and so off came the jumpers (sorry reader striptease is now over).

Next came some of my favourite locks, Grindley brook, hoved into view.  A bonus, they were in our favour and so with the aid of a dower faced lockie we were through in what seemed minutes.  Despite his looks the lockie turned out to be quite chatty though he never smiled once.

Entering Grindley bottom Lock, quite tight for AmyJo with millimeters to spare

Clearing the top lock

Time was getting on and the evening had the makings of turning out delightful.  We decided to pull in onto the visitors moorings just past the water points and found coal boat Mountbatten  moored for the night.  John and his partner have only been in business for a couple of weeks so I introduced myself and asked when we would meet them coming up stream.  Monday week was the reply so I hope to catch them for a top up of diesel then.

Coal boat Mountbatten
 As predicted the evening sun was warm and glorious and we sat out in our favourite spot on the boat, the cratch, with a drink or three at peace with the world.  The sinking sun gave rise to some superb colours on the scenery beside us, turning this tree into beautiful golden colours.

Lovely golds on the tree branches

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