Wednesday 8 April 2015

Easter 2015 Cruise - Day 4

With the prospects of crossing the aqueducts today we were up at a sparrows f...  We looked out of the window and realised "we ain't goin nowhere".  The fog was so thick we could barely see the boats in front of us so there was nothing for it but to wait for it to lift.

We knew there was a bridge 'ole just behind that last boat.
We decided to take the opportunity to do a quick shop at the Tesco's as we needed bread and fillings for the fried corn flower tortilla's we do now and again.  As we left AmyJo I suddenly recognised the boat that had been moored in front of us last night.  It was fellow bloggers Gill and Graham on nb Armadillo (click).  We stopped and introduced ourselves and chatted for a good while.

nb Armadillo.  Any one worked out what the latin means yet?
Graham reckons no one's succeeded yet.  I won't give the answer just now
Once back from Tesco's the fog had almost cleared completely so we upped pins and moved all of a few hundred yards, turning left onto the services to top up with water.  nb Armadillo was just pulling off so we slipped in as they left.  The water pressure here is pretty poor and it took well over an hour to fill the tank.  Mean while we chatted with the hire boaters in front of us.  They were not enjoying their time afloat as much as they hoped as they could not cope with the cold of the nights.  Their heating was OK but the one bedroom was at the very back of their boat and a gale was blowing in through the gaps in the back doors and hatch.  Try as they might nothing they did could improve matters.  I know how cold our back cabin gets so I do feel for them.

By now it was getting on for 11:30pm so we pressed on.  Like yesterday several boats were on the move so progress as slowed at bridge 'oles as over cautious skippers wrestled at slow speed to line their vessels up to pass through. Some going so slow at times it was a wonder they had any steerage at all.  Still at least they were not ramming the structures like some we saw.

Chaos at a bridge 'ole as boats meet head on.This one narrowly missed being rammed by one boat going at speed.  The poor skipper apologising as he recovered his course afterwards as we passed.

Putting on a brave face for his son after their ordeal. 
 We passed the pretty entrance to Frankton Locks that mark the start of the Montgomery Canal that we'll be visiting next week.

Approaching the entrance to the Montgomery

The moorings where one waits for locking time.

The first of the Frankton locks
Once again the weather set fine with clear skies and warm temperatures.  Sadly my camera is now out of action as it seems to have acquired a squished resident behind the lens in the form of a tiny midge as can be seen from this photo.  How it got in there is a mystery as I cannot see how it could get past the first lens.  Luckily Chris's camera is a later version of mine so we'll use hers for the rest of the trip.

Not a UFO above the cottage but a tiny midge that got behind the lens
By now the day was wearing on and at New Marton locks a queue of boats was forming delaying our progress further.  In the middle of the queue on the lock moorings a father and son on a hire boat were happily fishing, ignoring the fact they were causing havoc around them.  Despite pleas from other boaters they steadfastly refused to budge arguing there are no fish other than at locks because of the flowing water.

Queuing at New Marton Locks

A boat navigates around the fisherman's boat behind AmyJo

My turn to lock wheel today
By now it was clear it would be far too late to cross the Aqueducts so we reluctantly pulled in at St Martins Moor for the night on a long straight stretch of moorings with lovely views ahead.  So sadly no aqueducts today but tomorrow will be a different matter.  

Our mooring for the night

Lovely views of the hills ahead of us

Another gorgeous sunset.  I never tire of seeing these.


nb Bonjour said...

You did an excellent job on polishing your port side - the reflection in the last pic is amazing!
We are coming north this year but haven't quite decided where/when yet - we'll look out for you.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Debby,
Thank you. I just love these sunsets. Taken from our side doors it makes a lovely scene I never get tired of.

If you do make it up North look us up, we'd love to chatch up sometime.
Steve and Chris

nb AmyJo said...
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