Monday 13 April 2015

Easter 2015 Cruise - Day 7

Today it was time to leave Llangollen but we wanted to be sure to get through the narrows before it started to get busy. Another boater who regularly comes to the basin recommended leaving before 8am to avoid the trip boats and the hirers.

As quietly as we could we slipped the lines at 7.45am and crept out of the marina.

AmyJo in the basin just before we leave

Creeping out of the basin

The pleasure and horse drawn boats at the wharf

Theme park ride water flume effect as one leaves the wharf

A slight mist lay about giving a strange look to the canal. Unfortunately it does not show to well in the photos but the slight haziness of them is due to the mist.

We had a clear run all the way down to Trevor meeting only one plastic cruiser going our way. As he was behind us and struggling to control the boat at low speed we pulled over when we got the chance and let him pass. They were surprised to see us as they too were moored in the basin and thought they were the first to leave. Our stealth mode obviously worked. That was the only boat we saw moving until we reached Trevor.

Approaching the turn at Trevor

Pontcysyllte and the Tupperware cruiser we let pass.
I am forever wondering what is the correct way to pronounce Pontcysyllte and so whilst at the Bridge Inn yesterday we asked the barmaid what the correct pronunciation was. As a local girl she happily informed us it is pronounced Pont-ka-silt-ay and the nearby village of Froncysyllte pronounced Fon-ka-silt-ay. It was clear she was pleased we had taken the trouble to ask and she beamed from ear to ear when we recited it back correctly to her.

Our first encounter of the day.
Now I don’t want to cast aspersions here but it was strange the sun came out just as we passed this sign.

We think the owners of this boat may also be Campanologists too

I do so like these lovely cottages on the approach to the aqueduct

At Froncysylte we got past the pirates without a broadside being fired. As it was early we reckon they must have been ashore having breakfast with dad. We cruised on in perfect weather with the morning getting warmer by the minute.

We eventually arrived at Lyon Quays where I mentioned we planned to stop in a previous post. The moorings were empty bar one small boat and are really peaceful despite being close to the busy A5

Like Llangollen wharf the jetties here are short but long enough to moor large boats to. A bit of advise if you intend to moor here. The cut is very silted up by the wall shore side of the moorings so moor bow first and do not drive the boat into the silt. We found we could still get in a good way and managed to pull out easily if we wanted.

We spent a lazy afternoon relaxing in the warm sunshine and within hours hire boats were pulling in. All had trouble getting in because of the silt so I leand a hand getting them in and tied with thanks from grateful crews.

Later in the afternoon this graceful Peacock made an appearance that, to Chris’s delight, displayed for her as soon she got the camera out. Vane or what.

We booked a table for the evening and were a little shocked at the bill afterwards. £25.50 for a 10 ounce Sirloin is a trifle steep me thinks. Thank god it was a superb peace of meat for that price!

Tomorrow we continue to retrace our steps but with a detour down the Montgomery canal to look forward to.

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