Saturday 4 April 2015

Easter Cruise 2015 - Day 1

Been a while since our last post so its fantastic to be cruising again at last.  Thursday evening we got Amy Jo prep'd for cruising, stocking up on a few essentials like beer, food, Whiskey, logs, Baileys, Water, beer and Diesel, oh and I nearly forgot, beer.

We were keen to get underway so a little after 8:30ish we quietly slipped the lines and headed out of the Marina. The weather was not in our favour, cold damp and at times mizzly so the photos may look a little hazy I'm afraid.

Our destination this trip is Llangollen all being well.  We know its a Bank holiday so expected there to be loads of boats out and about and to queue at locks.  Strangely that was not the case.  There were a few boats about but the cut was strangely quiet for a bank holiday.  Perhaps the weather put every one off.

We got through Iron lock that was against us and at Stone lock a boat was just entering, luckily they waited for us.  Our lock mates turned out to be Paul and Chris on nb Patience who also moor at the marina.

At  Chas Harden Boats we came across working boat Sprey with butty Betelquise.  Sadly Spey's engine had blown a gasket and was currently stripped down to replace it.  They were moored immediately up stream of the lock landing making it difficult to get into the lock.  Considering their predicament we could not blame them.

We made good time through the remaining locks together, even Bunbury locks we clear and set for us to go straight in.  Despite the cold and wet conditions Paul and I were surprised to see a large gathering of gongoozlers as we entered the bottom chamber.  Another boat was coming down so the Bunbury shuffle was performed to the delight of the gongoozlers who took photos and videoed the whole maneuver. 

On parade for the gongoozlers

Just time for a quick cuppa as the lock fills.
We pressed on to Barbridge where, as the mizzle was getting heavier, we called it a day and moored opposite the Barbridge in.

Grey and murky conditions at Barbridge
Whilst tidying up when we moored our mooring neighbours Paul and Sheila arrived on nb Abbey Rose followed by David and his dog Meg on his boat.  Shortly after that Joe and Dave on nb Third and Final with Dave and Judy on their boat moored up.  With so many boats from Tattenhall present it went without saying a great night was had in the Barbridge in the evening.

One half of the group

and the other half.  Not sure what Joe's doing with his arm though

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