Monday 13 April 2015

Easter 2015 Cruise - Day 10

First of all apologies for the multiple posts all at once. Up to now internet access has been patchy to say the least. So much so I've had to save them on the laptop for up loading when access is restored.

This morning the signs were not good for cruising at all. We were woken by the sound of really strong winds and AmyJo being buffeted about straining at her moorings. Rain clouds skitted across the sky so an easy decision to stay put was made. Fortunately our mooring was right next to a large canoe centre which shielded us from the worst of the wind but even so AmyJo was still being thrown about.

We hunkered down for the day and this gave me a good chance to catch up on the blog. You may have noticed I've been posting two days behind. 

 Chris mean while read her book and was content to be warmed by the fire as temperatures outside had dropped significantly.  It is Joannes birthday today so we recorded a video of us singing happy birthday and sent it via snapchat to her.  We'll never make Britain's got talent but Jo appreciated it none the less.

After lunch with the wind easing a little we decided to go for a walk along the cut towards Maesbury. We were so glad we were not on the move as the wind was strong causing waves on the cut.

Waves on the water show its too risky to cruise in narrow and shallow waters

The only boats on the move today.  Paddlers returning to Maesbury.
At Ashton locks this notice board explains the history of the canal with interesting cartoons.

On our return we called in on Gary and Della to give them copies of instructions for the level gauges as we both had the same type. They had not been given any for theirs so we copied ours for them
Our mooring with the Queen's Head in the background

Our hosts, Della and Gary on nb Muleless
 Gary and Della had acquired several Music tracks from Sue on No Problem and we had a super time listening to them on their new portable bluetooth speaker.  The sound quality of same is so good we are going to buy one when we get home.  

Whilst chatting another boat side swiped Muleless's bow with a thump.  Gary leap to the cratch and the share boat owner simply retorted to him "its a contact sport mate".  This, quite rightly, incensed Gary and he not so politely informed them it very much is not a contact sport and would he like it if we drove a 20 ton lorry into his home!  Turns out the guy had hit Muleless when mooring up earlier so I'm not in the least bit surprised Gary was annoyed. Once is excusable but a second time..... and not once was an apology given!

Anyhoo thats done with so we would like to say thank you Della and Gary for your company over the last two days, we have really enjoyed our chats and really look forward to meeting up again later in the season.

By evening the wind had abated to nothing and the sky cleared of clouds giving this lovely setting just outside our window. What a difference.


Andy Healey said...

Hope it was not our share boat Centurion, if so I apologise, even though I am not on it at the moment.

nb AmyJo said...

Fear not, no need to apologise. Rest assured the boat was not Centurion. I'll not name it nor am I sure who's share company it was from but Gary later told me they did apologise when they past him a day or two later.

regard Steve