Wednesday 3 August 2011

Foulridge Wharf to Gargrave

This morning should have been quiet as usuall and not much moved on the cut, the peace being shattered by a neighbouring boat's dog persistant barking when anything came within a mile of it (oh for a muzzle).  We had our usual breakfast of tea nad toast and then got underway.

The rain clouds of yesterday soon cleared and the day proceeded to warm again becoming hotter at the day progressed.  Today it was Alan's day on the helm so Chris and I worked the locks, first the three Greenberfield Locks.  Like the other day we were in company for these and we soon got through them despite being against us.

Next was East Marton and the twin arched bidge for lunch.  We stopped here for while and enjoyed the lovely setting and helped another crew who had managed to ground al the edge of thecorner due to low levels
One hopes its the distance by canal and not via these steps!

looking down from top of East Marton bridge
After lunch we continues to hat we now call the alpine section of the canal.  This is the stretch between East Marton and Bank Newton Locks.
As you can see from the Pearsons map the corners are really tight and you have to have your wits about you.

Yes the boat is coming towards us but travelling in the same direction ahead of  us!

Wool anyone? Extreme advertising
With the day now in the 20s we reached Bank Newton locks and made our descent alone.  It was hot work for Chris and I but we enjoyed the eny of the gongoozlers watching us.  At one lock three very young ladies no more than 7 years old insisted in opening the gate for us.  With their dad's help they managed expertly and we thanked them kindly

Midshipman Catherine keeping a vigil on the roof

A short breather for Chris as the lock empties

Only six more locks to go
By the time we approached lock 32 in Gargrave we decided to call it a day and moored up in pleasant surroundings just above the lock.  It's Chicken Casserole tonight then a wander into Gargrave for a welcome pint or three.


Lisa said...

My favourite favourite bit of any canal in the world, I expect so anyway.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes a truely beautiful stretch and probably the best bit of the canal, just a shame we have to return home on Saturday
Hope the build is coming along, Can't wait to have a peek. We hope to visit Ken and Julia in the coming weeks