Friday 19 August 2011

New thoughts on Colour Scheme

Hi all,

Whilst on holiday we posted that we had seen a boat with a great colour scheme and that this had made us think again on our choice of colours.  The boat concerned was Magpie, in the photo below

Magpie has a simple style and the two greys complement each other perfectly.  If the exterior is anything to go by the interior must be equally as stylish (I just wish we got a peek).   

With that in mind I had a play and came up with something very similar (sorry about the image size but if you click on it you can see it full size)

As you can see I'm also using it in our header.  I hope the owners of Magpie don't mind us copying but Chris and I just fell in love with the colours.  Do you think these would wear better than the grey and black?

We are slowly getting our design together and so the other day I arranged to go pay another visit to Ken and Julia at Fernwoods.  We have arranged to visit Monday and want to put our ideas forward  and see if they would be feasable.  

Our ideas folder is taking shape now too and we have photos of the sort of things we like in it.  Whether we use them all is another matter, that will depend on the space and the design but it should give Julia an idea of the sort of thing we like.


Jo Lodge said...

I think that looks lovely x

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks Jo. I'm afraid the photo and my attempt do not do it justice.

Jo Lodge said...

The main consideration Steve is always to think that your going to be the one touching the paintwork up, so keep it simple. it also helps if you keep the amount of colours down because paint is not cheap. I am sure it will look fantastic.