Friday 5 August 2011

Skipton to Silsten - last day

One thing you can rely on is the information in the Pearsons on where to eat.  Last night we tried Bizzy Lizzie's after reading about it.  We can guarantee the Pearsons author has under estimated this establishment.  We had some for the best fish and chips we have had in a long time and good value for money too.  Not to be missed if you are passing this way.  After all that we had to walk around the town to work of the meal!

Sadly today is our last full day aboard Isla's Drum for we reluctantly hand her back at 9am tomorrow.  So we decided to make the most of today and were not disappointed.  This last stretch of the canal (for us anyway) was even more beautiful and the sun shone for us all day giving us stunning vistas as we cruised along.
 Above, the Polish airman memorial dedicated to the Polish crew of a Wellington bomber returning home after a raid when an engine fell off the aircraft causing it to crash killing all the crew.

Alan enjoying the leafy views whilst at the helm

Some of the lovely gardens as we approached Silsten

Swing bridges galore on this stretch (11 in all today)

Manicured houses as we leave Silsten before winding and returning for the night

How's that for a garden ornament, real fir too!

Our birth for tonight and quiet urban bliss
So now in a delightful residential area of Silsten we've moored for our last night aboard.  Catherine has taken over 1800 photographs and we'll start an online album as it Chronicles pretty much all the route we took.

Isla's Drum has just had it's final inspection, not by the hire company, but a passing black cat that decided to befriend everyone on board.  It stayed a while coming inside and enjoying the fuss then, without any notice, left us to it and walked off.

And so the end of our trip is here but we'll continue to post as we get nearer to nbAmyJo's build.
The motley crew from left to right - Catherine, Yours Truly, Chris, Alan and Mary

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