Sunday 28 August 2011

Trip to Grantham

My how the time is flying by.  We've been so busy this week I've not had time to post until now.

We took ourselves off to Fernwoods on Monday and spent a pleasant and productive day chatting with Ken and Julia about our design thoughts.  We're glad to say most of them were OK with them and after looking around their latest creation the design is now taking firmer shape.

Chris and I like the idea of windows either side of the saloon doors at the front.  These french doors give plenty of light and open up the area into the cratch nicely.

These small cratch boxes make for a roomy area but we would like them slightly wider so we can sit on them, perhaps barn door style doors would help with that.  We like the white paint as it gives an airy feel but would be a pain to keep clean in the winter months I should think.

The saloon area is also becoming clearer and an L shape seating fits our bill.  We rather like this, though some cusions would be better

We also like this idea for the steps into the cratch with the Lockgate fire too

We want the day room to double as a second bedroom so again an L shape seat is prefered that will make up into a double bed.  We also want this room to have side doors.   These ones also have glass so light can still keep the room light when shut.

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