Tuesday 2 February 2016

A sort of Birthday

I just noticed AmyJo has been on the cut for 2 years, 2 weeks and 2 days so I guess its some sort of birthday for her.  Not that we are counting :-)

Hope everyone is surviving these vicious winds we're having. Do take care when walking near the banks. One of our neighboring boaters nearly got blown off the jetty but for the quick reactions of her hubby. Poor woman was quite shaken.  

We have taken the precaution to lash everything down on the deck but the wind was so strong it has pushed the folding bike in its bag across the roof!  Good job it is locked to the pole supports with a padlock and chain otherwise it would have gone in the cut.

Last night we got serenaded again with waves booming on the stern and the windows making like bagpipes again.  Quite musical really but not when you are trying to sleep.

We even had white caps on the waves in the marina yesterday!  According to the beaufort scale  small waves, becoming longer; numerous whitecaps equates to Force 4 wind.  Clearly it was much stronger than that.

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