Saturday 12 April 2014

Resistance is Futile!

We tried to resist, we really did but every time we use the laptop at home AmyJo calls out to us from the desktop background picture of her an so the call of the cut got to us.

Chris planned to visit her mum's this weekend and now the decorating kit is packed away we decided to call in on AmyJo on the way down last night.  We stayed aboard overnight and then lunchtime today Chris carried on South to her mums while I stayed on board, home alone, to do a few jobs and will return home tomorrow night.

Whilst AmyJo's build was going on my mum gave us a folding portable table top ironing board and as she had time to spare Chris decided to try it out.

Suffice to say it worked a treat and Chris also go to try out the travel iron she got the other week.  Its a natty bit of kit as it doubles as a hair dryer too!

It does not get extremely hot but it's good enough to iron with.  We've yet to try it as a hair dryer but as we have a cruise coming up next week we'll try it then though with my lack of locks it should work just dandy.

While Chris still has another week off for Easter break I've taken a few days off so we're of for a 6 day cruise.  We'll both meet back at AmyJo Tuesday night then then we're off Wednesday morning.  Not sure where we'll end up but we know we want to head toward Braunston.

That all for now as a ready meal beckons, might even crack open a can of Old Speckled Frogs to go with it too!


Tom and Jan said...

Tell Chris you are mooring beside us for the day on the way through Rugby and she is going to demonstrate the new iron on all our clothes! :-)

nb AmyJo said...

Looks like Chris is going to be popular for a while :-)