Friday 25 April 2014

Last day and we go out with a bang - Day 6

Total distance:8.41 miles Elapsed time:5h53m19s Locks:7Bridges:22
Average speed:1.43 mph (2.62 lock/mph)

Not many pictures today as it was murky and damp at first.

The rain stopped overnight and the morning came with heavy mist and cold over the cut. The calm and silence was almost ethereal as we sat drinking our morning cuppa. A couple passed by on their boat and announced it was "Foggy at other end of the tunnel it is".

We set off hoping to get through the tunnel before too many boats were on the move but even so we met two boats coming towards us about mid tunnel. I slowed AmyJo to a stop and laid her against the wall to give as much room as possible. The first boat still going at a rate of knots smacked AmyJo with a whack on the bow and then bounced hard off the opposite wall.  The bang must have been easily heard at either end of the tunnel.  

The owner tried to say he was on the wall but my retort of how far he bounced across the tunnel assured him he was nowhere near it and that he should take it a bit slower passing boats in the tunnel in future. I did not even get an apology. 

 I think the other boat was more tunnel aware (not because of my complaint to the other boater ) as he proceeded more cautiously and though glancing lightly off AmyJo was much much more apologetic. I assured him all was OK and that it could not be helped as the previous encounter had caused AmyJo’s bow to drift out from the tunnel wall slightly. I did loudly thank him for taking care as he passed and we got to the other end without passing any more boats.

The fog must had lifted in the meantime as all was bathed in lovely sunshine and Chris took the helm for a while. At Norton Junction we passed a moored hire boat and the dreamy waft of bacon being fried assaulted our senses. Chris commented how lovely it smelt and the husband who looked distinctly like Nick Knowles popped his head out asking if we wanted some. We both said yes with gusto so he asked his wife but then jokingly said they had run out. We all  laughed, said never mind, wished him well on his holiday and carried on secretly regretting they and not bought more bacon.  It did smell divine though.

At Norton Junction I wanted Chris to turn AmyJo onto the Leicester line to give her some experience and so with a little instruction on throttle technique she winded AmyJo round like an expert and we carried on along one of our favourite bits of the cut in the area.

I took over again when we arrived at Watford locks. After reporting to the volunteer lock keeper we were asked to proceed up two locks and then wait for a while as boats came down. While we waited I prepared the lower lock several times for each passing boat until it was our turn to move up. 

Chris waits for the all clear to proceed from the volunteer lockie

 Once out of the locks I took AmyJo through an empty Crick tunnel and AmyJo got her second free boat wash and then Chris took the helm again to bridge 12 but as there were plenty of boats moored on the cut after the bridge she asked me to take over and we coasted slowly along at tickover getting back to our birth at 2.30pm. We then gave AmyJo a good cleaning inside and out before packing up and heading home.

I did have try at the 16x zoom on the camera before we left though.  This pair were clearly up for the photo shoot and came towards me as I pointed the camera at them.

Oh I nearly forgot.  The upshot of the internet problem, was with EE not our router.  When I bought the SIM I was told the deal was for 6Gb of data per month.  Seems we've only been getting 3Gb all along and had exceeded this month's quota.  So now the wrangle to get the missing 3Gb added again is on.  

I don't hold out much hope so up for any ideas on the best SIM only unlimited data deal with good coverage if you know of one.

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