Saturday 26 April 2014

Canalside fix

We are unable to go to AmyJo this weekend as tomorrow I am race officer at the sailing club.  Our regulars may recall we are going to move AmyJo to Tattenhall Marina in July so we thought it was about time we visited there and gave them an update.

There was also another reason too if we are honest.  When AmyJo was being built her stable mate Little Bear was also beginning her build.  Little Bear was launched just before Easter and we knew she too would be moored at Tattenhall so we thought we would go and see if her owners, Mike and Helen were aboard (sadly they were not around).  You can certainly tell Little Bear and AmyJo come from the same stable.....

Distinctive Fernwood front end

Chris and I wish Mike and Helen many happy days cruising in Little Bear and we look forward to spending time out on the cut with them.  Little Bear looks brilliant and we love her artwork, especially the A in "BEAR" depicted as a paw print, very clever.

We had a stroll round to our mooring to check out the mooring ring positions and on the way back to the car we spied another boat looking equally resplendent

Seems Mark and Corrinne were not about either, is everyone avoiding us? :-)  I'm sure our paths will cross sometime.

I have now managed to get some of our time lapse videos up onto Youtube and have added another page to the blog to make them easily found.  Unfortunately the camera we use must have been bitten by a tetsi fly as half way through each day's cruising on the way home it went into sleep mode for over two hours.  I'm not happy with this so after much sole searching I've decided to get a new camera so have ordered a Gopro Hero 3+ as its by far a much better camera for the job (and less chunky).  I've still more videos to put up so keep checking in from time to to for updates. 


Mark and Corinne said...

Good to see we shall be neighbours and look forward to meeting you both.

nb AmyJo said...

Likewise Mark and Corrine. We're looking forward a good old chin wag in the Marina office sometime :-)