Sunday 30 March 2014

Going Green

Hi all
Despite temptation Chris and I thought we had best stay at home this weekend to finish decorating the dining room.  We started 6 weeks ago and the only time we have to get on with it is at weekends, but of course, we're been running off to AmyJo instead.

Now we're getting fed up of the house being in a turmoil whilst we try to get the decorating done.  We decided enough is enough and just simply had to get on with it.  

Whilst trying to ignore the glorious sunshine outside I set to with paint brush and roller.

We now have most of the painting finished just the final gloss coat to do.  That leaves the varnishing of the panelling to do and then we're done.  Chris is off work for the Easter holidays as of next weeks so will source the carpet to complete everything.  We can then put the decorating gear away until next spring.

We're not going to get much chance of getting out on AmyJo now until Easter weekend but as Chris is off work for the holiday I've booked the Wednesday and Thursday leading up to good Friday off so we can spend 6 days afloat and stretch our cruising range a lot further afield.

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