Tuesday 18 March 2014

A wait for water and care in Welford Lock

Sunday morning we were up with the Lark and got straight into getting AmyJo ready to move off to the water point.

We were just bout to start the engine when another boat passed us and stopped on the landing stage.  Oh well we thought we'll let him top up then we'll take our turn.

I wondered up to speak with the owner and found he would "not be long, just loading up and then I'll be off" he said.  "No problem" I replied, "We'll wind and put our boat on when you leave".

An hour passed and when we next looked out the gent was washing down his boat and then generally faffing about.  It was clear he had no intention of moving off any time soon even though he knew we wanted to water.  We decided we would wind AmyJo and then back her up to the water front in front of his boat.  It would block him in but we figured we would not be long and in any case he seemed nowhere near ready to move just yet.

We managed to wind in front of the boat shed with a mere foot to spare and lay alongside the tow path a couple of boat lengths on from the water point.  Just as we were about to rope AmyJo back towards the water point the other boat pulled away leaving the wharf mooring free, what luck.

 We roped AmyJo back to the wharf and it took 30mins to top us up.  Its the first time we have seen one of the new water points and they seem to work OK.  At least the water pressure was good anyway.

After that we had a nice gentle cruise back to Welford lock where we took it nice a slow letting the water out.  The lock seemed very narrow compared to some and we know AmyJo is on the chubby side and did not want to get her jammed in the lock.

We need not have worried and all went well so were soon on our way.  Perhaps I was being a bit over cautious but first time in this lock we felt it paid to be careful.

Five hours later we arrived back at the marina to fined it calm, hot and sunny.  It was that warm we even ate our dinner in the cratch before leaving for home!

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