Saturday 15 March 2014

Postman Pat and the Welford Arm

Hi all,
   We're back aboard AmyJo for another weekend and what a glorious one it is.  

  We are getting into the routine of weekend cruising now and arrived on board at 9pm last night and got everything ready for today's run up to the Welford Arm.  

This morning we woke to the sun streaming into the porthole, so after topping up the water tank we got under way.  Once out on the cut Chris decided it was time to try out the washing machine whist under way.  So the bed was stripped and the first ever wash on AmyJo was on.  

Needless to say the machine passed muster and Chris is more than happy with it.  Tomorrow on the return trip its the turn of the Tumble dryer.

The weather made for a wonderful cruise up to the Welford Junction with signs of hire boats now making an appearance as we passed several on our way presumably out of Market Harborough.  The were also quite a few private boats out too.

Everywhere we looked spring was really starting to make its mark.  There were numerous Sparrow Hawks wheeling overhead and the trees were starting to open out their leaves and bird song was everywhere.

Along the way horse riders were making the most of the weather and both had spare horses in tow too.

After a while we caught up with another boat and followed at a discreet distance behind. The couple aboard were clearly in no hurry as their speed meant AmyJo was at tick over most of the time.  Not that we were concerned, we had plenty of time and it did make us realise that maybe we were travelling a bit too quickly so was grateful of the slower speed.  AmyJo moves so effortlessly through the water she needs little revs anyway.

We reached the Welford arm and turned in still following the other boat

Our company ahead of us for the trip up the arm
A short way down the arm a large shadow suddenly raced along the roof.  We looked up to see a glider being towed by an aeroplane, Chris just managed to get a picture.  We saw several other gliders so there must be a gliding school nearby.

A bit further on and we arrived at Welford Lock.  Luckily it was in our favour so the boat ahead of us went straight in leaving space for us on the lock mooring to wait our turn.

We found the narrows just before the lock and the lock itself quite tight but AmyJo squeezed through and into the lock with no problem. We'll have to keep a close eye out on our way down tomorrow as there is very little room in the lock either side.

We got to Welford and found a lovely mooring just short of the wharf and as there was still plenty of daylight left we decided not to wind so we could polish the other side of AmyJo, so now she's shiny on both sides.

Chris takes a break from polishing the roof
When the polishing was finished we took ourselves off to the Wharf pub for a well earned pint of Ten Fifty for me and a coke for Chris.  We then strolled up into the village for a look round.  We turned a corner and were greeted with a cheery wave from Postman Pat and his cat Jess

One happy chap
We enjoyed our walk through the village and came across what I thought might have been a converted pub

On closer inspection the sign above the right window just off shot said P.Phipps & co so I'm wondering if the building might have been a small brewery as well as a pub in its previous life.  Bet the owners kept the bar, I would have.

We returned to AmyJo and sat watching a fantastic sunset to finish of the day.

AmyJo's mooring for the night

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