Sunday 31 July 2011

Riley Green to Church on Sunday

Hi all,

I was up at 7am again this morning as I find the piece at this time in the morningon the cut so relaxing before the rest of the day unfolds. Back home we are on the go all the time so being able to sit in the well deck and do nowt with no distractions is so refreshing, I could certainly get used to this.  

We decided we would make for Blackburn and stop for lunch so Catherine could visit the church we passed on the way down here.  Whilst looking for a spot we found what looked like an old wharf and as there was already a boat on it we though we'd stop there.

Better yet it turned out to be a Jamaican wine bar called the Wharf, serving lunches!  As we were moored right outside the patio we thought why not and I have to say the food was excellent.  So much so we stayed a little while and some of the crew decided to take a little rest as well

It took a while but we eventually managed to get them back on board and headed on towards Church seeing a novel extension to this craft on the way.  Turns out the owner keeps his motorbike and side car in the trailer bit.

We have to say this stretch of the canal is not at it's best and quite frankly between here and the other side of Burnley is a floating rubbish tip so one wanders if one made the right decision to continue, that said the stretch East of Burnley towards Skipton is a delight.  We found a reasonable section outside Church for the evening and hope the motorbikes scrambling will end later tonight and if so we will stay put and enjoy a meal of Gammon cooked in Cola with Mange Tout and new potatoes.

Well the motorbikes have gone now and you can hear a pin drop so alls well.  Sounds like the weather is going to change tomorrow so we'll see what happens as rain is forcast for our eara.  Still can't complain,  we have had great weather so far and the tans are comming along nicely. 

Till tomorrow bye for now.

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