Saturday 9 July 2011

All Quite on the Western Front

Hi Folks,
   Well its been a quiet couple of weeks with not much going on.  We had another viewing today but I doubt much will come of it.  I did however use up my christmas gift from Amy and Joanne that consisted of a 15 minute helicopter ride over Chester

Preparing for take off

Take Off

Chester City Centre and the River Dee

Our Sailing Club with juniors out in toppers

So now we are looking forward to our two weeks on the Leeds Liverpool in two weeks time.  We plan to pick up "Isla's Drum" from Silsten boats near Skipton but are unsure which way to go.    Trouble is do we head East towards Leeds or West towards Liverpool?  Any suggestions from those of you who have done the trip please?  I guess we'll only get as far as Wigan and then have to turn back If we head West or Leeds and back if we head East.  Sadly I doubt we'd have time to do the circular route.

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