Friday 29 July 2011

Riley Green to Wigan Top Lock 29th JUly

After posting last night we took a walk and turned left as we left the cut.  After 5 minutes walk we came to the Royal Oak Pub.  I have to say if you are ever in this neck of the woods you simply must stop for a meal here.  Representing excellent value fo money it is one of the best meals we have had for a long time together with attentive and friendly staff - a must do if travelling this leg.

This morning we rose early and were underway at 8:30am.  We simply cannot get over how quite the cut is for the height of the season.  During the whole trip today we passed only 3 moving boats and whilst expcting a queue for moorings at Wigan top lock only two boats were moored up there.  Maybe the water shortages are putting folk off coming this way.

On the way here we locked down the lovely Johnston Hilllock locks at Heapey to emerge in a pound where the houses, whilst small, were beautifully manicured with one having a sun terrace at the water's edge complete with fully stocked bar, pumps and optics and all.

We then stopped for lunch outside the Bottany Bay Shoppong Mill and had some lunch

We eventually arrived at Wigan Top lock at 4pm but unfortunately it was to late to decend then.  If we do so it will not leave us time to get home so, with regret we'll have to mke do with walking down them before we start our jouney back to Silsten in the morning

For now we'll spend the night here before heading back

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