Saturday 30 July 2011

Chickened out and left the flight behind

I took a walk along the top locks at Wigan last night to check out the top locks but a rather unruly crowd of lads started throwing beer bottles after me and that put me off staying the night, especially as two of them followed me back to the boat.  Without stopping I alerted our crew and we took off up the cut to get some distance between us.

  I doubt the lads would have done anything but I was not prepared to take the risk so, instead, we had a lovely quiet night in an idyllic wooded area outside town.

This morning dawned with glorious clear sky and the sun already with some heat in it at 7am.  The forecast was for 20degress and sun so we decided not to descend the flight as we had already winded last night.  Instead we took a leisurely saunter back to Riley Green as the thought of another meal in the Royal Oak sounded just the ticket.

With the sun beating own the wooded areas brought much relief in the shade

One cannot help but wander about warm summers evenings by candle light in this lovely little den by the waterside

We soon found ourselves back to Johnson Hilllock Lock and this time I got a shot of that bar in the garden I spoke of  before

The house with the bar is in the middle of the picture, just in the far corner of it's garden

I've simply got to have me one of these!  Even the bar-b-q is to hand as well
 We made our way up the locks one by one but Chris started to feel ill with a headache.  I realised she was dehydrating so at the top of the locks she took herself to bed with a cool grass of water and recovered by the time we Reach Riley Green.  It was hard work in the heat so the decision not to descend Wigan locks was definitely the right one
Alan and Catherine manage the boat out into the middle pound
After waiting below the top lock for a wide beam boat with a wedding breakfast taking place on board we made the top lock at 2pm.  At the top lock a boat pulled in that has made me question our choice of colours for AmyJo.  Magpie pulled up behind us and she looked absolutely fantastic.
The two tone Greys complemented each other beautifully and has made both Chris and I think again,  we simply fell in love with the colour scheme and the simple artwork.

So now its off to the Royal Oak and another great meal in store.  We are both going to have to visit weighwatchers several times when we get back home that's for sure!

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