Wednesday 27 July 2011

Intenet connection problem but a great cruise

Having manage my first ever blog on the cut we moved Isla's Drum out from Skipton.  All went well until I tried to update the blog that evening and low and behold we could not get a connection.  Three days later moored up in Rishton and finally I get a connection!

Skipton to Bank Newton locks 24th July
I have to say the Leeds Liverpool canal at this stretch is absolutely wonderful.  The serenity of the cut soon sooths life's stresses in under a mile.  Isla's Drum is performing as one would expect a hire boat to perform and I have to say she is well maintained too.

Not A Soul in sight and so quiet no wonder live aboards love this life
Gargrave was an absolute delight and lunch in the local pub was well worth every penny. 
Probably the most photographed shop in Gargrave.  Those of you who have travelled this route will most likely tried their sweets!
We then carried on to Bank Newton but stopped a time was getting on.  As we pulled alongside the words of an old boater came to me.  If you are in a hurry don't go by canal boat so we stayed the night

Bank Newton to Barnoldswick 25th July

Alan and Kathrine working Bank Newton Lock though Katherine looks like she may just watch
Allo up there!  Chris keeping a close watch as Alan enters the lock

First two done, 5 to go
8am saw us working Bank Newton Locks.  Just after the locks the canal takes on the form of an alpine road with it's own versions of hair pin bends so tight its as well only 60ft boats can use this section of the cut or they would never get round.  Isla'sDrum only just got round and at a creep of speed at that.  At East Marton and the now famous twin arched bridge we found a delightful spot to moor for lunch just past the bridge in a shady wooded area. 

We then moved on to Barnoldswick a rather quaint town but did not appeal as the youths abounded, however we did find a spot further along the cut resulting in a pleasant night stop over.

One thing that has struck me whilst cruising is the attitude of people walking the tow path, young and old alike, most gave a cheery wave and hello, even engaging a conversation with us, often giving uncolicited advise on best mooring spots and where to eat.  If any of you do get to read this we thank you.

Barnoldswick to Reedley 26th July
We have been really lucky with the weather so far and the only rain was over night.  All of us are getting a great tan that would rival that obtained from the Cosa Del Sol.  We decided to take daily turns at the helm and it was Alan and Katherine's turn to work the boat whilst Chris and I worked the swing bridges and locks.  As this was Katherines first Narowboat trip she took to it like ducjk to water and Alan managed the Foulridge tunnel without mishap.

Reedley to Rishton 27th JulyToday with no locks to contend with we covered a lot of ground ad traversed the Weaver's Traingle at Burnley.  The Burnley embnkment whilst imposing on the town dos not let you see just how high it is until Tescos hoves into view near the Rishton end but you will not be disapointed. 

The cut along this section is like most inner city sections and is abundant with mans detritus, in fact at one point we had to slow to allow a childs plastic pedal car to cross our bows and avoid it being caught up in the prop.  Amusing to see this 3 foot toy wobble across the cut as we passed it, one could almost wish Toad would appear at the wheel and get a move on, but alas the only passenger was a malard to lazy to swim. 

Once past Burnley the you pass under a bridge on a tight bend and suddenly, without warning, you are back in the countryside high above the valley with stunning views only to realise you have traversed the valley in almost a big circle.

Clayton le Moors and Church swim by at a bling of an eye even going at a cedate 3mph but you may well miss them as you will be spending much time freeing rubbish from the prop. An one point as we moored at Rishton Alan managed to untagnle a complete keep net from the prop shaft.

One surprise as we rounded one corner with stunning views across the valeswho was mored on the tow path?  K2.

Unfortunately we saw no sign of her owners save a glimps through the window.  So ow having caught up on our travels we are settling down in Riston to have a Beef stew cooked by Alan.  As I type a thump from behind herralded the arrival of another boat, Stargazer, whos crew seem to think it was funny until I took their license number and showed them the mooring ring our mooring warp had ripped out of the pontoon, their smiles soon vanished then.

So thats it for now, hope to post again tomorrow after getting through Blackburn and Chorley.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather

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Lisa said...

Well we had fantastic weather on this canal and it seems you are too and I am very glad for you. Good luck with your trip.