Wednesday 29 June 2011

Waste of time

Hi folks,
Having spent best part of Saturday finishing of the ex pond landscaping we ended up with the garden looking like this, not bad if I say so myself.

 I'm quite please with the result but hope the patchiness of the new turf will eventually blend in with the rest.

We worked hard all morning to get the garden done for viewing and the couple turned up for their second viewing just as I laid the last turf.  They spent a good while nosing around and then left.

Two days later I got a call from our estate agent with an offer 60K below the asking price.  You can imagine I was pretty miffed at being played the fool and naturally refused the offer with some terse words to the agent never to waste my time with ridiculous offers like that again.  The couple were obvoiously time wasters and I can only assume they were trying it on to see if we would be gullable enough to accept, grrrrr I was so annoyed.

I wonder if those of you on the cut that sold their homes to buy your boats had the same problems?  We know the price is right as we are getting the viewings but I do wonder if we are going to sell at all.  We've been told by several estate agents our price is right so who knows, we still have hope.  Did you struggle to sell?  What did you do to get that sale we all want?

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