Wednesday 22 June 2011

Fingers Crossed

Hi all,
   We have been looking back at the feedback from our house viewers wondering why we have only had one offer (and that was a joke).  Many are complementary and none negative so I could not help wondering what was putting them off.

I rang the estate agent the other day and put to him our Koi pond might be the reason.  Many viewers had young family in tow and I'm guessing the pond was putting them of.  The agent agreed this might be the cause as many had commented on the pond.  So, with heavy heart and mind made up, last weekend we went from this

with the help of Jo's boyfriend Tim and our friend from Essex, Derek (back for another weekend stay) to this 24hrs later

 Have no fear the Koi are now housed in an 8foot by 4foot by 4foot tank we built round the side of the house and the hole left by the pond is slowly being filled in.  On Friday a ton of top soil and 5 square meters of turf are due to arrive to landscape whats left.  The area to the right of the Blue line being made a flower bed and the left side turfed.  I loved sitting for hours by the pond watching the Koi and now I miss it and fret about my water puppies in that tank.  They will be fine though I worry something may leak or the air pump fail so I'm keeping a close eye on it, but, if it helps to get a sale.....

Today whilst at work I got a call from the estate agent to say one of our viewers has sold their property and now want a second viewing on our house.  As you can guess we're pretty excited as this is the first time anyone has asked for a second viewing. They are coming on Saturday so I'd better get my skates on and get that garden sorted!  I recall them being very complementary but worried about the pond so we have our fingers crossed they put in an offer now the pond is out of the equation.  I'm not getting my hopes up to high as they too may put in a ridiculous offer.  We have to hope that is not the case.

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