Saturday 12 July 2014

Big Trip home Day 1–Goodbyes and Penguin surprise

Well we’re finally on our way.

Having arrived at the marina yesterday we stowed our bags and got AmyJo ready to set off in the morning cruise. After a meal in the Red Lion at West Haddon we returned and spent a pleasant evening aboard nb Outlaws Dream moored next to us. Barbara and Andy have just returned from Banbury so we were really please to catch them before we left.

This morning we were ready to leave but just had to say our goodbyes to Barbara and Andy and our other neighbour Brian who had looked after AmyJo whilst we were at home.

Barbara and Andy with nb Outlaws Dream currently being repainted

Brian and Milly who looked after AmyJo for us.

After fuelling up so we had a full tank and paid our last months mooring fees we reversed back and then turned for the marina entrance. I'm pleased to say no alarms this time. It should have been a time of joy but actually we’re quite sad to leave. Everyone there made us very welcome during our stay and if we’re not happy at Tattenhall we’re definitely going straight back.

With everyone waving to us we slipped past and they were gone, hidden by the trees.

Now the really journey had begun.

Space for someone else's boat
Leaving the mooring for the last time
No looking back
We had not gone far though, just by the Moorings Pub in fact, when we were greeted by some wild life that was clearly on its holidays too


A penguin scarecrow complete with ice burg! Turns out this weekend is Crick’s scarecrow weekend and this is the moorings entry! Quite a character.

We got through Crick tunnel and then Chris took AmyJo down the Watford locks with just one bump that knocked the kettle off the side (fortunately it was both empty and cold).




After an un eventful turn at Norton Junction we entered Braunston tunnel. In the past we have not met many boats in the tunnel but today it was busier than the M25 at rush hour. We passed 6 boats in succession with only minor bumps and scrapes. I must ask, why is it some boaters insist on using a hand lamp and why must they shine it straight at you?  One boater had a really bright hand lamp and shone it straight at us He even complained because we nudged him until I reminded him the light should have been shinning where the sun does not as I could not see a damned thing. He apologised an adjusted the lamp downwards.  Another elderly boater complained to us we should not shine lights in his face but after we explained it was the boat ahead of him (the guy with the hand lamp) not us he went on his way.

We locked down the Bruanston locks with another boat and made good time. As the chandlery was open at the bottom lock we politely asked the adventure fleet staff if we could moor oon their mooring overnight to which they agreed.

Just as we tied up fellow bloggers Lesley and Joe were mooring up on the offside in their boat Yarwood. (click)


They are going to have some work done on Yardwood so were staying on Braunston boats moorings. We were invited aboard for a look around Yarwood and she feels much bigger inside than she looks on their blog. She's a lovely boat and clearly Lesley and Joe have a nice design after learning from their ownership of Caxton.

Later in the evening we took the opportunity to visit the Admiral Nelson pub that we had passed earlier as there is a lock right outside that we had passed through earlier. It was our turn to gongoozle (for the guys at work, a gongoozler is a boaters term for an onlooker)

Outside the Admiral Nelson

A welcome pint slipped down too easily, time for another!
We have passed this way a couple of times without trying out the food and ale. Lesley, I can report it was well worth the visit and they do indeed serve good food. They even had my favourite pint on tap too so happy days!

I can also report the engine has behaved impeccably with the temperature now holding a little over 95dec C.  I topped up the antifreeze this morning and will check with the hydrometer in the morning now its had chance to circulate.

So we’re moored for the night and for those of you following us for the first time the red dot is our location.



Total distance:9.09 miles Elapsed time:8h48m11s Locks:13 Bridges:26 Tunnels:2
Average speed:1.03 mph (2.51 lock/mph)

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Mark and Corinne said...

Have a safe trip.

I'm sure you'll like it at Tattenhall its a lovely marina and theres a really lovely couple a few boats down from you on the same pontoon ;) lol.