Tuesday 29 July 2014

Big Trip Home Day 16 - A Return to Barbridge and that Dinner Date.

Not much to say for today as all we were doing was retracing our steps back to Barbridge and that all important dinner with Joanne.

First was to go down Wardle Lock and wind ready for the trip back.  It was really sad to see Wardle Lock cottage in its current run  down state.   The are signs of restoration but its a sad sight to see now.  Poor Maureen Shaw would be horrified to see it today.

Wardle Lock Cottage. Gone is the lovely tended garden and flowers,
Wardle Lock cottage in August 2002
What was good to see is a memorial plaque to Maureen with some memories she had shared.  Chris and I had the good fortune, like so many, to meet Maureen twice when we hired "Olivia Ginger" for a two week trip from Stone up the Llangollen many years ago.  What amazed us was, as busy as Wardle lock is, she remembered us and welcomed us by name, stopping for a chat as we worked the lock.  How she got anything done is a mystery.

The lovely Memorial to Maureen Shaw, may she be resting in peace.
We winded AmyJo below the lock as no one was around and hoped to top up with water, however, right on the water point an angler had set up camp and was sound asleep in his tent.  He got up when he heard me tell Chris to move his rods so we can come alongside.  Now that might seem a bit mean on our part but hey, its a busy junction and we needed water.  If not us some one else would have woke him sooner or later.  Perhaps he should choose his fishing swim a little better next time.

We only took a few photos on the trip back as we had already done them.  This trip we were held up for over an hour each at Minshull Lock and Cholmondeston Lock (in photo below) as boat traffic was very busy.

All the boats on the left were queuing for the lock  while we are in it.
Eventually we got back to Barbridge and turned left.  We found a mooring just short of Barbridge Inn and waited for Joanne to arrive.
Good job we booked ahead as the Inn was quit busy.   The food was superb and the steak is some of the most tender I have had in ages.  Highly recommended. If you there over a weekend booking a day or two early is a must.  Joanne came back with us to AmyJo for a while then headed back home and the joy (not) of work in the morning.

Our mooring tonight
Just a short walk to the Barbridge Inn

Our route today

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